Thursday, 29 August 2013

Female Criminals to be treated better than males in the UK?

Why are female offenders treated less seriously than males? If feminism is about equality, shouldn't the sex of the offender be irrelevant?

Helen Grant MP:

"Female offenders should receive more targeted support to break the cycle of crime and abuse many of them face"

‘Women who commit crime should be punished, but we must not forget that a significant number have been victims during their lives, and need targeted support to break the cycle of offending. "

Seriously? And men haven't?

The truth is Feminism preaches that men are wicked, and women innocent victims. If a woman commits a crime, a cup o'tea and a nice chat is all they need. Oh, and look around for a man to blame, because women just aren't responsible for bad things?

"How the private, voluntary and public sector can provide more effective women’s services in the community, including female-only treatment programmes"

It's sexist when there are institutions that only allow men. If they only allow women, why that's fabulous, darling.

There's a slogan a lot of MRAs use. "It's only 'sexism' if it disadvantages women." When I talk about women like Helen Grant, I'm accused of making up straw feminists; well, here she is. Poke at her with a stick, and I think you'll find her flesh and blood and quite lively in her responses.

How on earth do feminist justify this outrageous example of female supremacism?

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