Saturday, 24 August 2013

I can haz free speech?

"Shut the fuck up!"
"For the 50th billionth time!"

I stand outside your meetings
shouting through a megaphone.
One of my allies pulls the alarm
you spill out to the lawns.

I will save you from your worthless selves!
You will be forced to acknowledge
you stupid fucks.

"Fucking rape apologist incest supporting woman hating fucking scum.

Why would you pay money to support a fucking rape apologist if you weren't fucking one?

Well, here's a thought.
If you've never let them speak...
  how the FUCK do you know what they have to say?

It's always important to demonise your opponents. 
Never listen to them. 
Never read their texts. 
If you do, their wicked ideas might seep in 
and make you one of them.

I often get accused of inventing Straw Feminists: women who try to silence dissenters, who claim all men are rapists who promote incest, and so on. Well, these women are real.

Are you a Feminist? Do you really want these women to represent you? 

  • Change the game. 
  •  Examine our sites.
  • Engage with MRAs.

Fight back for freedom. Invite some to discuss matters with your group. We don't bite. Mostly.

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