Friday, 23 August 2013

MRAs and Feminists are just as bad as each other?

One accusation is that MRAs are misogynistic.

Looking at the

Umm, yeah, so much hatred... overpowering... me.

There's zero. Zip. Feminism <> female. Hating Feminism has nothing to do with hating females.

Unless  Karen Straughan hates herself? I suppose that's possible. I haven't seen anything like that on any video but I haven't seen all of them.

Feel free to watch and find her out, and chat with her. She's pretty reasonable, and unlikely to call you a rapist, or even a rape apologist, just because you disagree with her. Unlike some feminists. "Even if you’ve never raped anybody before, you’ve got the consciousness of a rapist, and you’re part of the problem." 

What about the shouty dude, The Amazing Atheist?

For all his bluster, I'm not sure he really hates anything, but i suppose it's possible. Can you find anything he says that hates women specifically? Well, it might be difficult because a lot of his were taken down after an attack by a feminist group.

Because feminist groups do that openly. They even got the BBC involved.

What does misogyny mean? According to MRAs, it means this.

What does misandry mean? According to Feminism, it means this.

It's all about hatred.

Well, do men laugh at women getting castrated? Are there Hollywood movies about women getting punched in the tits and kicked in the clit? Is that a punchline... ever?

What about books? There's feminist literature like "The Female Man", with many positive reviews that claim it's a feminist literary work, and which also advocates the extermination of all males. Even male apes are raped for entertainment.

What about male feminists? Are they misandrystic? Does the use of rape slander against opponents count?

And MRAs disrupt meetings of feminists, right? We stand outside with loudspeakers? Trigger fire alarms? Harangue them afterwards?

So where's the equivalent?

Both sides at fault, right? Right?

Tell me when men do this and get away with it.

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