Friday, 23 August 2013

Why should I worry about men's issues when women are so badly done by!

President Obama: " Women still earn just 70 cents for every dollar a man earns"

Woops, 77%.

Would you believe 81%?

Hmm, her wage seems to be completely mutable... is it 75%? 80%? 
Whatever suits the propagandist at the time?

It's often quoted that women are paid 30% less than men for the same work. That's terrible! Something has to be done! There's no point worrying about men's petty issues in the face of this injustice. Right?

Let me tell you a little history.

There was no conspiracy in the Middle Ages to exterminate the Jews. No-one ever thought to organise one... but it wasn't necessary.

Things would be peaceful for a while... then things would go wrong. it might be that a Christian boy was rejected by a Jewish girl; how dare she? did she think she was too good for him? Or the Jewish neighbours got a bit too prosperous.

Or there was plague... and that was the worst for bringing out the evil in people.

"The Jews are poisoning the wells", the whispers said. No-one knew how, no-one asked. Which wells? Which Jews? When?

Anyone who asked that sort of question .. well, they were acting oddly! Of course it was true! It was always said. Are you calling Mistress Goody a liar?! My Grandfather said that; you doubt him, I'll fight you!

So it built, and built, and then pogroms started, and the blood was spilt, and people swung, and yet... the Plague still came.

And still, no-one ever doubted... "The Jews are poisoning the wells".

The end of that sort of thinking, was, of course,

So if you are going to accuse a people of something, it kinda matters to get your facts straight.

"The estimates for the discriminatory component of the gender pay gap include 5%[4]:2 and 7%[3]:9 and in at least one study grow as men and women's careers progress.[3]:93 One economist testified to Congress that hundreds of studies have consistently found unexplained pay differences which potentially include discrimination.[3]:80 Another criticized these studies as insufficiently controlled, and opined that men and women would have equal pay if they made the same choices and had the same experience, education, etc.[4]"


So somewhere between zero and seven percent of Jews were responsible for the Plague.
Somewhere between zero and seven percent of a pay gap exists.

It could be zero, and it might be as much as seven per cent. Not 30%. Not even 19%.

You get the point.

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