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False Rape Accusations

I am absolutely certain that there are rapists in this world. I am sure that there are evil people as I am that the sun will rise tomorrow. I am also certain that sometimes communication breaks down, or that sometimes people have sex and regret it afterwards.

So how many of rape accusations are genuine?

No-one knows.The figures are completely variable, and largely seem to reflect the politics of the source. Even the most sober sources vary from 1 to 90%. This would not be tolerated in any other area of science.

And yet what do Feminist commentators claim?

"The idea that most or even many rape allegations are false is an extraordinary claim requiring extraordinary evidence. Those who continue to insist otherwise have forfeited any right to be considered good people." (source)

Now, we know people lie. It is mundane to see people lying about all sorts of matters from who ate someone's lunch at work, to whom committed murder. It is an awfully strange thing to say that lying about rape is an extraordinary claim.

Just look into the cases of Mohammed Asif, Soner Yasa , Elizabeth Coast , Leanne Black,  Linsey Attridge and Angela England.

To ignore these is the opposite of reason. Believe me, or you are evil, and I will shun you. Only a wicked person would disagree with my divine truth.

Let's compare it to the scientific studies:

Rumney (2006)

Rumney's conclusion is that it is impossible to "discern with any degree of certainty the actual rate of false allegations" due to the fact that many of the studies of false allegations have adopted unreliable or untested research methodologies.

That's the sort of information that rings alarm bells in scientific establishments. It means you have to decide the methodology from scratch before doing the testing, and there should be general consensus on both.

Here's another example from "False Rape Allegations" by Eugene J. Kanin:
False rape allegations were investigated from 1978 to 1987. A ranking police official notified the investigators whenever a rape charge was declared false and provided records of the case.

In the study, 41 percent of the total disposed rape cases were officially declared false. The incidence figure was variable from year to year. The data showed that all the complainants were white, largely of lower socioeconomic background, and a majority was modestly educated.

The study of the 45 cases of false rape allegations led to the conclusion that these false charges were able to serve three major functions for the complainants: providing an alibi, a means of gaining revenge, and a platform for seeking attention/sympathy.

This tripartite model resulted from the complainants’ own words during recantation and does not constitute conjecture.

False rape allegations are not the consequence of a gender-related aberration, as frequently claimed, but reflect impulsive and desperate efforts by women to cope with personal and social stress. (source)

We need to apply the same standards to investigation of this matter that we would any other scientific investigation. This is a matter of life and death, of lifelong misery if victims are disbelieved, whether they be victims of false accusations or genuine sexual assaults, male or female.


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Useful links on Feminist myths and misandry

Taken from

“An individual woman can certainly hate men as a group, so in a literal sense, ‘misandry’ does exist. However, it doesn’t exist in an institutionalised, systematic way like misogyny does. All signs that would indicate men being oppressed in certain areas of life are a consequence of a social order created and maintained by empowered men. The biggest and most empowered perpetrators of ‘misandry’ are other men. ‘Misandry’ is problematic because it gives the impression that it is an equal counterweight to misogyny, which is far from the truth.”
— - MRA Deconstructed: Misandry
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Sunday, 29 September 2013

Dave Chappelle .. can rape jokes be funny?

Feminist apologise for being wrong about Objectification!

Women rate images of men more highly the larger their penises are, according to a study in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

Gosh, so women objectify men as much as vice versa? Who knew? I can't wait to see all the apologies from Feminists.. I mean, they respond to facts and reason, right?


Yep, yep, faced with this evidence, they'll be sure to change their ways.

(*wolves howl in the distance*)

Any day now...

any day...

A wittle pway

Andreya: Breasts are asexual! Stop sexualising breasts!
Carol: (*walking past*) Your hair looks lovely!
Andreya: Thank you!
Brett: So breasts aren't any more sexual than hair?
Andreya: Of course they aren't, it's only men who claimed they were any different!
Brett: Ok then.. your breasts look lovely!
Andreya: How dare you! That's sexual harassment! Guards, arrest this fiend for sexcrime!

If breasts are just asexual, why do breasts swell during arousal? Why is it that women’s brains seem to process nipple and genital stimulation in the same way?

"stimulation of the nipple activated an area of the brain known as the genital sensory cortex. This is the same brain region activated by stimulation of the clitoris, vagina, and cervix."(source)

"As she gets more and more aroused, her breasts will swell a little and her nipples will become more prominent." (source)

Saturday, 28 September 2013

Why I am against Feminism

Adapted from an article by Women Against Feminism called Why I am against feminism (Anti-Feminism) which I mostly agree with.

I'll have to come back to this and cite references (argh).

  • Equal Rights exist, right now: Feminists are the only people who lose their minds with rage when you tell them that women already have the same exact rights as men. That’s not good enough. They want more. They desperately want to be victims. They want a privileged social position.
  • Censorship: Feminism is about censorship. Feminists are the most vocal promoters of censorship of First Amendment Rights, hands down. Just look at how they react to Facebook comments, Twitter speech, and here on Tumblr. They also promote censorship campaigns against opinions in the media, on blogs, and on YouTube. They promote inequality of speech.
  • Helpless Victim Cult: Feminism promotes the idea that women are fragile damsels-in-distress who must be rescued by an external entity (the state/patriarchy) in order to be protected from having their feelings hurt by words that they disagree with. Feminism encourages women to think in terms of weakness.
  • Inequality: Contrary to what it claims with a dictionary definition, Feminism is not about equality in practice. Did you hear that part?… in practice. Based on its overall actions, it is about socially engineering society to give special privileges to women and special punishments to men. That’s not equality. That’s not respecting genders. Once again, I don’t give a crap about your dictionary definition. It’s the actions that turned me against feminism. The actions don’t match the rhetoric.
  • Discriminatory: The very name “feminism” is discriminatory. The “fem” refers specifically to women. It can never refer to men. To say that only through women can equal rights be claimed is like saying that only through black people can people have rights.
  • Patriarchy Fantasy: There is no “Patriarchy” because a real patriarchy would not allow women to vote, divorce, go to college, have a career, live single, get abortions, etc. If this is a patriarchy, then it’s a pathetic patriarchy and attacking it is like attacking a little boy as if he were a man.
  • Gender Roles…only for men: Feminists claim to be against gender roles, but I see feminists doing nothing about men’s gender roles when it comes to working the hardest, most dangerous jobs in society. They seem perfectly okay with men being the majority of the homeless on the street. They don’t want to look at the bottom of society where they will find lots of men (along with women), thus ruining their “patriarchy” fantasy and their claims to victimhood (and stuff for free). 
  • Equal Pay is here… but it’s your choice: The “equal pay” claim is bogus and has been debunked. Any “average” differences in pay can be shown to come down to different choices in careers that have different earnings. The easiest way for women to “narrow the pay gap” is to train for engineering, computer science, and science-based career fields (the highest paying careers around). But they would rather complain. In fact, new research shows women are out-earning men in cities.
  • Elitism: Feminists are elitists. They are preoccupied with elite men: CEOs, millionaires, Senators, etc. But the majority of men will never have elite status. So, feminists are out of touch with the daily reality of the vast majority of men.
  • Hypocrites: Feminists preach against slut-shaming only to march in the streets calling themselves sluts. They scream against “objectification” but then objectify men for their abs, looks, money, and status. They claim to be for equal rights, but they only advocate for one gender. They claim to be for “choice” but they are constantly policing other women and telling what is “okay for women to do”.
  • Policing other women: A lot of feminists seem to think they have been appointed the Women Police who can then go around shaming other women for the things that are “not okay”. Makeup, shaving, wearing pink, and more are all “crimes against feminism” and punishable by social attacks. Nearly every online feminist seems to be a petty dictator marching around and telling women what “true feminism” is.
  • Rape Culture-Fantasy: Since Feminism is all about playing the persecuted, weak, helpless victim, feminists have promoted the fantasy that we live a culture that “teaches men to rape”. But nowhere is rape taught as acceptable.Rape is illegal and is seen as a crime by most people in society. Feminists confuse dominance and submission themes as rape. Only rape is rape. Posing in a picture for perfume is not rape.
  • Inflated Rape Statistics: Feminists love to “cite” that “1-in-4 women are raped” during her lifetime. This is a misreading of the statistic. The real statistic is that “1-in-4 women claims sexual assault”, which can mean anything a women wants it to mean when she reports it. It can mean rape, touching, kissing, groping, or even lewd comments. “Sexual assault” can be a very broad category. But feminists only select the most shocking aspect (rape) and then claim that is the definition.

Friday, 27 September 2013

Are 40% of rapists female, and 60% male, in the US?

"...about 40% of rapists being female and 60% being male. A far cry from 95+% of rapists being male.[1]"

If this is true, it provides an interesting refutation to the feminist argument that rape is a crime perpetuated by masculinity.

Thursday, 26 September 2013

The University of Toronto Professor is Not Correct.

Prachi Gupta, an Assistant News Editor for Salon, wrote an article condemning David Gilmour for not teaching writers that don't appeal to him, claiming that is "extreme point of view". (source)

Really? Does he say no-one else should enjoy them? That they have no value for others? That's what you insinuate, you slur, you strawman, but it's just not there, is it?

If I enjoy sausages, and not steak, and tell you that I will cook sausages, but not steak, am I a sausagist? If I am very good at sausages and run a sausage shop, will you have me condemned and replaced with someone who sells the correct foods, correctly - and blandly - prepared?

" But I can only teach stuff I love. I can’t teach stuff that I don’t, and I haven’t encountered any Canadian writers yet that I love enough to teach."

Well, that's not good enough, is it, Ms Gupta? He needs to teach stuff he doesn't love, stuff he has no passion for. Stuff he will teach badly. It's not enough that he teaches the things in his range well; he needs to teach the correct things, because they are correct.

In fact perhaps he could be forced to only teach Chinese women's writing? I can see no flaw. For that would be correct.

Nice hatchet job on his character. How vain he must be, to assume he is good enough to teach, just because he was hired to teach, despite lacking the usual qualifications. How terrible he must be to assume he knows anything about writing, just because he is a successful writer.

Destroy him.

Replace him with someone who has never published.

Someone who only thinks correct things.

Someone small.

Someone ...

like you, perhaps?

Rape is not a "Women's Issue"?

laylamajandra Source:
This is a human rights issue!
"Almost all rapes are committed by men."
Evidence states otherwise (Table 2.1 and 2.2).* Unless, of course, you’re one of those assholes who defines rape as M -> F.

"It’s time for us to take responsibility." >implying men are a giant hive mind and are guilty of or accountable for things a very small portion of men do

*Brett Caton's Note: I redid the image as I found it too small to read.

The dark secret of "The Vagina Monologues" and female rape denial

I've noticed there seems to be a strong effort to destroy all existing copies of the original work. I used to see the idea that girls needed to be 'inoculated' against heterosexual activity in a lot of feminist literature.

One work as Sydney Uni disturbingly combined it with breastfeeding, and advocated lesbian infantile incest as the weapon against the Patriarchy.

Of course, when I bring it up with feminists who claim that "feminism is just about the idea women are human beings", they either deny it exists, or claim it was second wavers and totally doesn't count, or say "they aren't true Scotsmen... err.. feminists!"

Is Eve Ensler not a 'true' Feminist? Then why does she get invited to Feminist panels?

Reblogged from Jung's Endless Shadow which I highly recommend!

lushpuppy: Started and finished The Vagina Monologues last night. Fucking brilliant. It made me all excited about the possibility of staging/directing a V-day too.
jungs-endless-shadow: Will you include the scene where a lesbian pedophile seduces a 13 year old girl with alcohol, with the victim later saying “If it was rape, it was a good rape?”
lushpuppy: In the copy that I have, that line wasn’t in there at all. [Brett Caton's note: it was quietly erased when non-feminists pointed it out, yet the question remains - why the hell was it there?]

I’m obviously aware of that paedophilia in that point, but my copy mentioned nothing about ‘good rape’. Because that obviously doesn’t exist. And yes, if I put it on I would include that monologue, they are all just as important as each other.
jungs-endless-shadow: Then you have one of the versions where it was censored. Seriously, check it out - the “good rape” line was in the original. In light of this apparently pedophilia-condoning monologue, by the way, can you tell me how you feel about the monologue in which young girls are asked intimate questions about their vaginas? And I would like to know why a work that romanticizes rape can be considered ‘brilliant.’
lushpuppy: It doesn’t romanticise rape, Ensler wrote what the women whom she interviewed told her. She was telling stories, and she did that well. I think the fact that the monologues speak about rape more than once is a positive thing.

That monologue was about a woman who was so detached from herself and her sexuality that she never developed, as such, she wasn’t fully aware of what had happened to her and why it was wrong - she was groomed. It is not condoning paedophilia, it’s simply including the story.

Monologues are supposed to be highly personal, and they are supposed to make the audience think. I don’t think anyone would read or listen to that monologue (in which the woman talks about being raped more than once) and think that the paedophile was behaving ‘correctly’ or wasn’t a paedophile.

'Intimate questions is debatable - asking a girl 'what would your vagina wear if it could?' has absolutely fuck all paedophilic about it. It's about opening discourse with people of all ages about their vagina's, to make it less taboo, to make people less afraid and ashamed of their own autonomy, and to have people embrace their body.

If a six year old girl talking about the fact that she has a vagina seems inappropriate to you, then you should really think about the way you’ve been conditioned to think. It’s not fucking sexual. You are making it sexual. You are presuming that a child cannot talk about a part of her body without it being sexualised. There is nothing dirty about a kid talking about a fucking vagina.
It doesn’t romanticize rape? It describes a young rape victim referring to her rape at the hands of a pedophile as something healing, and describes it as a “good rape.” If that’s not romanticizing rape, then literally nothing romanticizes rape.

We currently live in a culture that has a hard enough time seeing sexual assault as rape when women do it, so yeah, actually, I think there’s quite a few people out there who took quite the toxic message from this monologue.

And if it weren’t for that story, I would have been perfectly fine with the other section. There’s just something…unsettling…about a book which glorifies a pedophile and then has a later section where a little girl is asked what her vagina smells like.

I don’t think that’s me just “making it sexual.” I think that’s me being deeply disturbed at the message one chapter is spreading and looking at the rest of the chapters with concern because of it.

I love smut

It's crazy, sexy, and sometimes gross!

Free will

Does not believing in free will make us better or worse people? A series of psychology experiments reveals people who believe things happen randomly and not through our own choice often behave much worse than those who believe the opposite.
Belief is irrelevant. Acting as if you are free is the best strategy in an uncertain universe.

Can you be certain, as in perfectly certain, of anything? No; Descartes pointed out a long time ago all you can ever get is 'reasonable' certainty. Your sense can be (and often are) faulty, as can your reason. No matter how evidence you can find, you can not know anything with absolute certainty; there's wiggle room for doubt.

Free Will True False
Act as if Free Win Lose
Don't as if Free Lose Lose

Here's the problem; you have it, or you don't.

If you don't, then you cannot, ever, do anything wrong, or have any false beliefs. You have no responsibility. 'You' don't exist. A rigid spacetime exists, and if an entity made that, it's responsible, assuming IT has free will!In that scenario, you cannot make a mistake, because that would imply choice. There would no no downside to behaving as if you were free, or thinking you were, because there would never, ever have been an alternative to that 'delusion'.

But what if free will exists?

If it exists, it's easy to be wrong, about that, about everything.So you might as well act as if you are free, becuase, despite all the evidence to the contrary, you might be, and you will squander this one  opportunity to be if you do not.

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Writing tips


This is an ultimate masterlist of many, many resources that could be helpful for writers/roleplayers.
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This is an ultimate masterlist of many, many resources that could be helpful for writers/roleplayers.


  Body Language
Writer’s Block


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