Saturday, 14 September 2013

Objectification Objections!

culdesachero 8 months ago
"I have a trouble with the whole term 'objectification.' A lamp is an object. A stick is an object.

Men don't view women as sexual objects, they view them as sexual beings, which they are. You can't separate a woman from her sexuality. You also can't remove a man from his sexuality.

So when a man sees a woman and has a sexual response, it is only part of their combined natures. To term it objectification is demeaning to both men and women - part of the broad movement to deny natural sexuality."

I can't put that better myself.

Also see:

At, you see video footage of a woman ogling at a man she finds sexy - the double standards amongst Feminism are quite impressive, and once their movement is done, we should build a monument to the greatest hypocrites of all history!

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