Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Victimhood is Power.

Let's have a look at these images from Blurred Lines. Click the thumbnail to open in a new tab. Think about this:

Is everyone
  1. having a good time?
  2. being silly?
  3. touching affectionately and sensuously?

Why isn't there a protest about the depiction of a woman being dominated by another woman? All the hatred only mentions male oppression. Does the middle figure look oppressed, or playful?

She looks so happy there. What wouldn't you give to be looked at by her like that?

"I'll help with that bike, ma'am".. interesting that this is seen as lacking in respect.

and there.. I wonder what riding the bike represents?

Hmm, I wonder...

Take off the Sex Negative Glasses, and look..

Are they unhappy? Oppressed? Liberated?




She's confident. She challenges the viewer.

but she's not hostile. Their body language is friendly.

He checks her out...

She checks him out...


She checks him out...

and as a couple, they look at the viewer.

Do you ever get the feeling part of the outrage is jealousy?

Oh yes, she's really suffering here. Woe!

Dancery dancey dancings

Woah! She really is gorgeous!

And we parade together...

strut strut strut!

On the left, she caresses his hair, as they lie.. on the right, she rapes his mouth.

Which video depicts hatred? Why was the first banned, the other celebrated, by Feminists?

The uncensored version of Blurred Lines was taken off YouTube, because "toplessness is degrading".


So when men protest against women going topless, we should shut up as patriarchical creepy rape monsters. But when actually *see* women see topless women, they look at men and still manage to see it as a reason for attack.

It's kinda funny that the maker of the clip.. was a woman . But the blame, again, is shifted to the men. Women are not to be held responsible for bad actions.

And remember, women are powerless in this man's world, so it's not like they can censor artwork and stifle debate or anything.

 Victimhood is Power.

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