Monday, 9 September 2013

Why don't men in Australia get the same path for support with DV as women?

Isn't it interesting that men and women are given different paths for help with domestic violence by the government. 

Say you try to get help with an AVO as a man. You look up the website and...see this.
For more information about AVOs, you can:

Visit the Legal Aid NSW website
Contact your local Women’s Domestic Violence Court Advocacy Service: Phone 1300 888 529 or visit the WDVCAS website.

The Women’s Domestic Violence Court Advocacy Services (WDVCASs) provide court support for women seeking AVOs, advocacy, referrals and information. Some WDVCASs have specialist workers to help Aboriginal women or women from migrant, refugee or culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds.

Find out more about how WDVCASs can help to stop the violence.

The assumptions here are pretty fucking clear. Men, you are on your own.

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