Saturday, 28 September 2013

Why I am against Feminism

Adapted from an article by Women Against Feminism called Why I am against feminism (Anti-Feminism) which I mostly agree with.

I'll have to come back to this and cite references (argh).

  • Equal Rights exist, right now: Feminists are the only people who lose their minds with rage when you tell them that women already have the same exact rights as men. That’s not good enough. They want more. They desperately want to be victims. They want a privileged social position.
  • Censorship: Feminism is about censorship. Feminists are the most vocal promoters of censorship of First Amendment Rights, hands down. Just look at how they react to Facebook comments, Twitter speech, and here on Tumblr. They also promote censorship campaigns against opinions in the media, on blogs, and on YouTube. They promote inequality of speech.
  • Helpless Victim Cult: Feminism promotes the idea that women are fragile damsels-in-distress who must be rescued by an external entity (the state/patriarchy) in order to be protected from having their feelings hurt by words that they disagree with. Feminism encourages women to think in terms of weakness.
  • Inequality: Contrary to what it claims with a dictionary definition, Feminism is not about equality in practice. Did you hear that part?… in practice. Based on its overall actions, it is about socially engineering society to give special privileges to women and special punishments to men. That’s not equality. That’s not respecting genders. Once again, I don’t give a crap about your dictionary definition. It’s the actions that turned me against feminism. The actions don’t match the rhetoric.
  • Discriminatory: The very name “feminism” is discriminatory. The “fem” refers specifically to women. It can never refer to men. To say that only through women can equal rights be claimed is like saying that only through black people can people have rights.
  • Patriarchy Fantasy: There is no “Patriarchy” because a real patriarchy would not allow women to vote, divorce, go to college, have a career, live single, get abortions, etc. If this is a patriarchy, then it’s a pathetic patriarchy and attacking it is like attacking a little boy as if he were a man.
  • Gender Roles…only for men: Feminists claim to be against gender roles, but I see feminists doing nothing about men’s gender roles when it comes to working the hardest, most dangerous jobs in society. They seem perfectly okay with men being the majority of the homeless on the street. They don’t want to look at the bottom of society where they will find lots of men (along with women), thus ruining their “patriarchy” fantasy and their claims to victimhood (and stuff for free). 
  • Equal Pay is here… but it’s your choice: The “equal pay” claim is bogus and has been debunked. Any “average” differences in pay can be shown to come down to different choices in careers that have different earnings. The easiest way for women to “narrow the pay gap” is to train for engineering, computer science, and science-based career fields (the highest paying careers around). But they would rather complain. In fact, new research shows women are out-earning men in cities.
  • Elitism: Feminists are elitists. They are preoccupied with elite men: CEOs, millionaires, Senators, etc. But the majority of men will never have elite status. So, feminists are out of touch with the daily reality of the vast majority of men.
  • Hypocrites: Feminists preach against slut-shaming only to march in the streets calling themselves sluts. They scream against “objectification” but then objectify men for their abs, looks, money, and status. They claim to be for equal rights, but they only advocate for one gender. They claim to be for “choice” but they are constantly policing other women and telling what is “okay for women to do”.
  • Policing other women: A lot of feminists seem to think they have been appointed the Women Police who can then go around shaming other women for the things that are “not okay”. Makeup, shaving, wearing pink, and more are all “crimes against feminism” and punishable by social attacks. Nearly every online feminist seems to be a petty dictator marching around and telling women what “true feminism” is.
  • Rape Culture-Fantasy: Since Feminism is all about playing the persecuted, weak, helpless victim, feminists have promoted the fantasy that we live a culture that “teaches men to rape”. But nowhere is rape taught as acceptable.Rape is illegal and is seen as a crime by most people in society. Feminists confuse dominance and submission themes as rape. Only rape is rape. Posing in a picture for perfume is not rape.
  • Inflated Rape Statistics: Feminists love to “cite” that “1-in-4 women are raped” during her lifetime. This is a misreading of the statistic. The real statistic is that “1-in-4 women claims sexual assault”, which can mean anything a women wants it to mean when she reports it. It can mean rape, touching, kissing, groping, or even lewd comments. “Sexual assault” can be a very broad category. But feminists only select the most shocking aspect (rape) and then claim that is the definition.

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