Saturday, 12 October 2013

Chanting RAPE CULTURE RAPE CULTURE RAPE CULTURE does not make it real

Rape culture, in the west, is a myth. If there was any truth to it, then the boys wouldn't have been punished.

Well, it's a myth to an extent... when women rape, it's not even acknowledged as such by the FBI. It's not even counted as a crime in many countries thanks to changes made by Feminists recently. 

Even in Israel.

Even in the UK!

When women rape, they ARE coddled, excuses are made by the media, Feminists and even judges, their childhood investigated to find out who victimised them into doing such an unnatural thing.

Their sentences, when they are convicted, are shorter. Their prison conditions.. better. Baroness Corston dedicated her life to closing women's prisons, because the poor dears don't deserve to be punished, not like those filthy men.

And in rape trials men are guilty unless proven innocent, despite false allegations ranging up to 90%.

So what do I see here? I see a woman so smug in her self-entitlement and professional victimhood that she is happy to rage males for a system that punishes males for an act universally condemned ... by males. That refuses to acknowledge female on female rape can possibly even exist, let alone be common.

I see a man so lost in internalised misandry that he will fight to the death to protect a woman's right to rape without consequence, or accuse him of rape without evidence. 

These people chant their dogma, hoping you will believe, oh yea! -  believe, brothers and sisters!

Well, here's something I ask you to try instead.

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