Wednesday, 9 October 2013


In Australia, there are no protections for free speech. Every attempt to set up something has been blocked by the major parties.

People just have the illusion it exists.

For example, say you are talking to your friends, and one of them asks "so what were they like in bed?"

Now you might think that's something that should be private. I've often been surprised at how open women are to their friends about their partners, and I'm not terribly comfortable with having what we got up to broadcast! But it's a fact that many people take for granted that this is legal.

So if it's legal to do it face to face, why is it suddenly a serious crime to do it via technology? Why does slapping 'Cyber!" on everything mean you can pass any piece of draconian legislation you want?

"A group of young people created a
“Root-Rater” page on Facebook. The page
asked Facebook users from local schools
to send in information about the people
they had sex with, including descriptions
of their bodies and scores for their sexual

The page then posted this
information for all its friends to see.

The page was taken down, but local schools
threatened to expel students who were
involved, and NSW Police said that “RootRater”
and other gossip pages could
lead to criminal charges for the girls and
boys who participated."


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