Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Down with Halloween!

A Feminist Dictates what you horrible people had better not wear!

Good grief.

By this logic, Americans shouldn’t celebrate Halloween at all. It’s a European cultural tradition; how dare they appropriate it?!!!

Of course, another way to look at it is if we didn’t allow for cultural mixing and re-interpretation, we’d be back in the stone age. Just because Ogg has good idea with copper ingot doesn’t mean we should copy her… that’s appropriation!!!
"Dressing up as Pocahontas, and any other ‘native american’ outfit is a big nope. "

Pocahontas is a fantasy character. No-one dresses as the historical figure! “Native american outfits” are about as real as medieval damsel and knight outfits .. must they be banned too?

Do you think the Dark Ages were a joke to the peasants who lived through them and who were trampled by those people? How can you enjoy medieval re-enactment! Won’t somebody think of the peasants?!!

"Even worse if you’re white. "

Sooooo if you are native american, you can’t dress as a native american… because you would be insensitive to this person who represents all native americans whether they like it or not.

Think twice before putting on a ‘slutty’ outfit. There’s a fine line between being sex positive and an ally to sex workers, and another to mock and amplify misogyny through objectification and use of slurs. “

This is incoherent but it’s in bold so don’t think because.. PATRIARCHY.
You cannot say that women should be able to dress as they want without slut-shaming whilst simultaneously shaming them for dressing up as sluts!!

"Speak up (if the situation allows it) if you see any guardians pressuring kids to wear very gendered costumes… There is nothing wrong with things like little girls WANTING to wear all pink dresses and tiaras. That’s as awesome as them wanting to dress up as a superhero! "

Again, the author can’t see the self-contradictions!

"Be creative with your make up. There is no excuse for brown, yellow, and black facing, especially with so many online tutorials for amazing make up effects. Also it’s just fucked up."

Being something you are not for a day is fun. Why shouldn’t a black or yellow person try being white for a night? Or vice versa?

Poking fun of stereotypes is also fun, and the basis of a lot of comedy. Does the author want to dictate to Dave Chapelle or Eddie Murphy how to do their jobs?

"Fat suits aren’t okay. Those are bodies you’re wearing as a costume for laughs, while for some of us, that’s a fatphobic stigma we need to deal with daily. "

I can only assume the author weeps throughout any comedy. Being thin is funny. Being fat is funny. Being tall is funny. Being short… is funny! And walking around in a fat suit… can build empathy. Which trumps your fucking super-fragile ego by a country mile, because if there’s one thing this world needs, it’s empathy, and not more professional victims.

"Don’t wear a kimono because you wanna ‘be a geisha’ bc that will end in awkward culture appropriation that you cannot back up. Trust me."

Pretending to be a geisha is pretty much what modern geishas do. There’s always been a conflict about whether they were sex workers or entertainers. And you know what? Modern Japan has no problem with using westerners as geishas, they are quite popular.

Does the author freak out when they see a chinese person dressed as a cowboy or medieval european knight? I doubt it, only non-white people have these ‘feelings’ according to the author, who seems to be on a crusade to save everyone from the wicked whiteys!

"having cis guys “dress up as women” by wearing a dress and terrible wig is just not okay. Halloween could be this amazing space to explore representation. Instead, usually this just states what you really think of anyone feminine. You think femininity is false and vain, and you will come off as an asshole. Not to mention this is just transphobic on a different level of NOPE.”
Fuck your gender stereotypes! If men want to wear dresses, paint nails, wear make-up, they can and will do so without your permission. Just as women smoked cigars, wore trousers and even fake facial hair without asking men if this would hurt their pwecious fweelings.

And transvestitism has nothing to do with transexuality. But fuck you for condemning everyone throughout history with that fetish.

DO YOUR GODDAMN RESEARCH BEFORE YOU GO AND WEAR SOMETHING THAT WILL DO MORE THAN HARM THOSE AROUND YOU…Your costume could trigger and be a micro aggression towards others.

Translation: I choose to be harmed by everything you do. PATRIARCHY!

Don’t question me don’t think STOP THINKING!

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