Nobody believes me when I say Feminists really are like this. It reminds me of the way the Nazis used to render down their enemies into fat, and make candles out of it.

Any decent being would see the grief of another being and empathise.

did you read what
i mean
Ooh, nicely done, you chopped out a section of my post as part of your Strawman. Have you ever considered working for the Ministry of Truth? They always have positions for people like you…

a) i didn’t chop out a section of your post. the OP and “get a life” response are there if you look, and they aren’t yours. i put your whole response and the image you were responding to.
b) i don’t think you fully even understand what the word “strawman” means… the concept actually can’t apply here because i never even tried to formulate an argument against your “points”, because your points aren’t related to anything i said. you just randomly compared me to nazis and jammed in a video about castration. it sounds like you’re responding to a completely different post. i’m not even sure you read the OP.
you have serious issues, buddy. issues like rabid, mouth-frothing, nonsensical, irrational, impotent, hysterical rage that makes you go on deranged rants at literally no provocation. it can’t be good for your health. you should find a way to channel your misdirected fury into something productive and happy. 
maybe you could get a fish tank. i’ve heard it can be very calming to watch the fish. or knitting, perhaps
You little liar.

The quote ” Feminists think it’s fabulous.” was removed. Then you lied, ineptly, about the removal and pretended the text and link was still intact!

Gosh, I wonder if that might make a fella a little peeved.

"rabid, mouth-frothing, nonsensical, irrational, impotent, hysterical rage that makes you go on deranged rants at literally no provocation"

Excuse me? Who, exactly, is hysterically ranting? You provoked a response with a misandristic image, got the response and then edited it with malice- should any person of integrity see this, just search for the word “fabulous" in the original here. Is it present in the version cuteanimals-and-misandry uses here?

You did this to present an opposing argument as being weaker, a tactic no honest person would perform.

Then, when you are caught out, you explode into a torrent of personal abuse. Not even particularly clever abuse at that. Fishtanks and knitting? Heavens! It’s like being mauled by a toothless kitten.

I’m not sure if you’re a troll or a fool. If the former, work harder. If the latter, do better.

i didn’t lie about anything. i thought it was a tag. didn’t see it was a link until after i reblogged. it was an accident.
i don’t understand how that video makes your post any less batshit insane, but okay. now we know. there was a link, and i took it out.
everybody, i was wrong. i cut poor brett’s link to an mrm video about castration out of the post. *hangs head in shame*
Who, exactly, is hysterically ranting?”
still you, buddy. still you.
it wasn’t personal abuse to suggest you should maybe get some hobbies. i’m genuinely concerned, brett. you seem unable to respond proportionately to minute aggravations. if you get this angry over “misandric images” of cartoon mermaids online, then what happens when something happens in real life? what happens if you stub your toe, for instance? do you then yell at the coffee table about using strawmen and lacking integrity?
you need to learn to manage your anger, brett. i say that as your friend. your loving, tender misandrist friend. ok?
You’re not my friend. You don’t even get to scrape in with acquaintance. And you think yourself fit to dictate to me how I spend my time? Pfft!

Should I spend every hour of every day, refuting the misandry of Tumblr Feminazis like yourself, or should I spend my time crocheting a bag big enough for Betelgeuse, that would be entirely my choice, you matronising maggot.

Your response to that video categorises you more completely than anything else; your little mermaid meme is honest entirely. You do indeed lack all empathy for anyone outside your little group. You have no humanity left, no soul.

And you are not worth more time than it has taken to fully expose you for what you are. Thank you for adding to my list of bigots; every time I meet someone like you, I get a chance to show my friends that creatures such as yourself are not some bogeymen, and that they can’t claim that you don’t really represent Feminism.

You are a twitching specimen under glass, maggot, part of my collection of the vilest creatures of corruption.