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Men in Sweden are at least as likely as women to be victims of domestic violence

According to researchers at Sahlgrenska Academy in Gothenburg*, men as likely as women to suffer spousal abuse.

*  16 Feb 2014 01:52:55 UTC

So what picture do they use to illustrate this?

Men as likely as women to suffer spousal abuse: Swedish study

That's right. They couldn't find a stock photo where a man is a victim. The idea is so much against the dominant narrative that even as they say it, they can't find one image to illustrate their point.

I'm not surprised. I tried myself. Almost all of the images were comical.

"8 to 11 percent of men reported being victims of physical violence at the hands of their spouse in the past year. The corresponding figure for women was 8 percent...

"Both men and women use the kind of violence that can harm the other person... The respondents mentioned behaviour ranging from punching, kicking and pushing to strangleholds and threats at gunpoint.

The study also revealed, however, that between 8 and 11 percent of male victims reported that they had also been perpetrators of violence and Krantz added that the results should be interpreted "with caution".

"We do not know in detail what led women to use violence in aggression," she explained."

Even now, she's making excuses for the women. The men ... must have deserved it.

As this commentator put it:

"Krantz added that the results should be interpreted "with caution".

Translation: Kantz doesn´t want the feminist mafia coming after her.
 "Researchers also found that female victims of domestic violence suffered
from more severe health effects than men, with women were more likely
to report depression, anxiety and difficulty sleeping."
 What a dumb comment. It is well known that women report anything associated with being vulnerable, weakened, or victimized more than men. It is also well-known that women false(sic) report these things more. I´m not saying that women are naturally bigger liars. It´s simply a case of what a person expects to encounter when they make a complaint or seek assistance.
 Women are far more likely to receive empathy and gracious help. In fact, for women, who is the bigger "victim" can almost be like a form of currency. Men are far more likely to be ignored, ridiculed, or told to "man up". Men, for the most part, are despised for being victims. The result: Women are far more forthcoming about perceived suffering and victimization, men are not.

Baroness Corston, how do you explain this? Still want to close all the women's prisons?

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