Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Mother pimped out her own daughter

Mother accused of allowing sex with young daughter, selling nude photos online

A mother is accused of selling nude photos of her 11-year-old daughter, and worse, investigators say she even allowed men to pay for sex with the girl.

Crawford County investigators say she had taken countless nude photos of her now 11-year-old daughter and sold them to men through social media.

The girl’s grandfather told News 4 he can’t believe it and now, he wants justice for everyone involved. “I hope they get him, the password computer dude, I hope they get him too and I hope he’s sitting beside her and I hope they are both in there for awhile,” the grandfather said.
(source: Lauren Trager / News 4)

I'm glad she was caught, but it's a shame the grandfather looks at this and just sees a third party as having equal responsibility, instead of acknowledging her agency. It was the mother's wickedness that caused all this to happen above and beyond all else.

No word yet as to whether Baroness Jean Corston will be flying to be by her side at her time in need. After all, women don't deserve to be in prison, do they, Baroness? 

Updated with a few more cases:

Mother-of-four, 25, charged with trying to SELL her 10-month-old baby girl for $500

Middle Tennessee mom sentenced to 40 years for raping own children

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