Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Only when the sons are CORRECT can we continue

-My son will treat your daughter right!

>Ok... will your daughter treat my son right?

-Nah nah nah... that's not part of the deal. It's about correcting males. They are defective. Women are fine!

>So you don't have a problem with the discriminatory laws on rape that don't count female offenders, the reduced or non-existent prison sentences females face for the same crimes, the loss of "innocent until proven guilty" in rape, the assumption that the male must be the offender in any domestic disturbance under US law, the conscription laws for men only, constant propaganda that paints all men as rapists and domestic abusers, and never shows male victims or female perps, the huge suicide rate and workplace death rate men face, the poorer educational outcomes, the neglible chance of favourable child custody results, the fact a woman can rape a boy and still get child support from him...

- I'm sorry, were you talking? All i heard was PATRIARCHY. Now if you've done wasting my time, I need to go correct my son! He's been looking intently at women and probably thinking those disgusting male thoughts of his.

> but...

-PATRIARCHY! PATRIARCHY! Can't hear you over the sound of PATRIARCHY!

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