Friday, 11 October 2013

Rape Erasure blog reblogged!

I've done my best to represent the conversational flow accurately. Tumblr was never designed with serious discussions in mind.

It's interesting to see that Female Supremacists simply do not care about the truth; they'll create statistics on a whim, and edit quotes to better suit their needs. Socrates was just a dead white male, in their book, and it really does show.

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anonymous asked:
You always talk about how bad rape is. You are absolutely right but you completely erase male victims. Women rape too. It is rare but it exists and if you really are against rape, you can not erase a victim group.

anarcha-pie answered:
Lol 99.7% of rapes are perpetrated by males. Rape is a form of male violence.

BUT WHAT ABOUT TEH MENNNNNZZZZ!!!Isn’t it amazing how they constantly ignore that, and make it out to be like we’re the bad ones because we “ignore” male victims. No assholes, you’re ignoring male perpetrators. 

 Also, male rape victims are very nearly always raped by males.  By saying “but..but the women rape tooooo” and ignoring male perpetrators you are, in fact “erasing your own victim group”

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