Monday, 7 October 2013

To all those who say real Feminists aren't Misandristic; is this woman an optical illusion?

Idiot men: Your penis is not special.1

the men I’m addressing right now are probably all minute men who cum so fast, their partner didn’t even realize you were inside them.2
If anyone’s value is affected by sexual intercourse or activity, the mans(sic) value would increase due to the fact that a lovely woman even let you touch her, let alone have sex with her.3

So knock it off, because women have really had enough of centuries of misogyny4,
and if you do not stop strutting around like your ding dong is made of solid gold, you will not get laid. 5

Because honestly, our vibrator does a much better than job (sic) than you anyway, and with a vibrator we don’t have to deal with your whiny ego issues.6

Basically: Stop.7

You are embarrassing yourselves and decreasing your game with that pompous attitude of yours.8

With that said, good luck.9



  1. Feel no pride in your body. We can be proud of ours, and will go on about the wonders of our genitalia in lengthy monologues.
  2. Feminists  really hate all of you and will slur your sexual performance, making it clear you are just objects for our satisfaction, and poorly constructed ones at that.
  3. Pussies are so wonderful that simply contacting one will increase the value of even pathetic males. We also fart rainbows and shit unicorns. I left a unicorn in your bed. Say thank you, now.
  4. You are responsible for everything bad that ever happened to someone with a vagina.
  5. Men who have pride in their body are unattractive. Only males who realise they are scum appeal to Feminists.
  6. Feminists value nothing about
    your body in any case and so have no reason to have sex with you, since our machines are all we ever need. The fact Feminists do have sex with men, and even sometimes pay for the privilege, is not to be mentioned, you filthy incest-promoting-rape-apologist scum. By the way, stop having feelings. Only Feminists are allowed those.
  7. Obey. Surrender yourselves to the Feminist Collective. Know Despair. Then we will permit you to die.
  8. You will never, ever have sex, as we prefer machines, and having pride will mean that your chance of having sex will somehow become negative which just goes to show how superior we Feminists are over your so-called mathematics .. stop thinking! STOP IT! PATRIARCHY!!
  9. We curse you forever.


  1. Oh wow, reading the full thing now, that's such horseshit.
    Bitch needs to clam the fuck down.


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