Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Why are there such double standards about violence between men and women?

Do we really only need to teach boys what is acceptable behaviour?

What happens when they grow up?

How come in movies and TV shows it’s ok to show women being violent against men but not vice versa?

A study of public responses to openly conducted domestic violence

Slapping a husband still counts, even if he slaps back, but US law requires the police to only investigate one offender and it's usually a man due to the Predominant Aggressor Laws

Why are male rape victims erased?

Rape is not a "Women's Issue" according to Feminists?

The claim is"Almost all rapes are committed by men."
This is a useful lie
Lesbians need to be taught not to rape!

Feminists fighting against the redefinition of rape to include men

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