Monday, 14 October 2013

Why I Need Men's Rights

Oratorasaurus' quick answer

My answer?, I'm an egalitarian and an MRA. I want a world without double standards.
,, you know that female rape is legally erased by the clever use of definitions?

RAINN uses the dodgy definition and is endlessly quoted as evidence of the perversity of men. At the same time, women get lighter sentences and are coddled by the media for acts of sexual perversity,

In India, recently, the definition of rape was legally changed to mean no woman could be charged with it. 6 May 2015 03:36:54 UTC

 In Israel, feminists agitated to make sure the immunity remained on the books there.  8 Aug 2015 11:34:52 UTC

The ratio of rape victims is actually pretty close to 1:1 for male and females.

I want legal equality, which means that if there's a domestic dispute, my sex isn't an issue (and it is in the US, the arrest guidelines are to arrest 1 party, and it's the taller one, which usually means the man).

I want to know I'm relatively safe when I have sex that I won't have a false accusation of rape (

..that if i'm drunk and they're drunk, and the law says drunk people can't consent, either we both should be charged - or neither.,

I want to know my life is as valued as a woman's. When i look at the money invested in breast cancer vs prostate cancer, or in domestic violence shelters, or the opposition to universal, rather than male-only conscription, I don't see it at all. Men are disposable.
Going from the imagery google presents, females perpetrating DV is non-existent.

Almost all police and governmental campaigns show
heterosexual relationships,
male perp,
female victim
- even when a woman massacred her seven kids and her niece.
Or eight of her own children.
I've talked to criminologists who claimed there were NO cases of DV where a woman was at fault. None.

 I know first hand that's only happening because they ignore them. Legal support is gender specific.

I'm hoping my friend has a better outcome, but i can tell you that even with voice recordings of threats, he still couldn't get an AVO  - police protection from his ex - and she still shares custody despite a history of violence.

I want Men’s reproductive rights

    Right to know one is, or will be a father.
    Right to Legal Paternal Surrender.
    Right to Ownership of Person (i.e. semen, c.f. Woman Used Sperm From Oral Sex To Get Pregnant, Gets Child Support for example).

Right to know you’re a father, right to determine you’re not ready to be a father, and right to prosecute those who misuse your semen to their own ends.

I never, ever want to see a headline like this again, but I know I will because men and male sexuality is demonised now, men are seen as filthy rape monsters, barely restrained but always close to the edge .

I want to see an end to the Duluth model (, which says that only women should be parents, and which was instituted by feminists.

It's the reason men are so bitter about child custody. It's resulted in situations where a woman can rape a child - then demand payments for the offspring.

Woman, 18, charged with boy's rape at church

In my country, aboriginal men are arrested for possessing pornography that is perfectly legal for anyone else... the belief that male sexuality is dangerous, and that our masturbation aids must be destroyed, our penises mutilated, our gaze lowered, and all sexual advances prohibited, is a weird combination of christian and feminist beliefs.

We live in a time when men are forever told they are unwanted - "a woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle" - "my vibrator is better than your body!"

I cannot imagine a woman would ever hear the equivalent of those statements.

I remember when men could feel pride, could feel desired, and were willing to fight and die for this country.

Most young men now seem somewhat ashamed of being born. Or they radicalise, either becoming MRAs, or religious fanatics. Religion offers self-worth to men -put at a terrible price. Look at the young men in the US who became muslim terrorists - why do you think they found that lethal ideology appealing?

I have to wonder, when men are taught they are worthless.. why should they put their neck on the line for women? Why should they have to die to protect a system that claims they are useless? Why should any man be intimate with a woman who says he is unwanted? Or who at least, doesn't oppose her Sisters who claim he is?

Finally, we live in a time when my speech - my opposition to feminism - looks like it will become a crime in some countries like Sweden, a ban which looks to be spreading-  and such speech -which i hope you will agree is nonviolent - has been used to ban youtube and other social media accounts.
Violence is being used to stifle the expression of people like me.

So even if you don't believe a single word of anything I have said, ask yourself this:

What violence have MRA groups done?
What violence is being done to MRAs?

Isn't opposing that violence and allowing free speech the reason we fought against the fascists in WW2? The reason that millions of people died, and yet we still counted that sacrifice as worthwhile? Will it all have been in vain?

Men and women... are people. No better, no worse. Fellow travellers on the road of humanity, equal sharers of the land and sky. That is the single truth of Men's Rights. And that is why you need it too.

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