Wednesday, 26 March 2014

It's not Feminism; it's Genderism; keep up!

The new Gender Advisor to the Chief of Defence was being interviewed on the ABC and she kept going on about how she would promote the interests of women.

She's not a 'gender' anything, she's a lobbyist, and has nothing to do with gender equality, but Feminism has taken to masking it's female  supremacist doctrine by putting the word 'gender' in place of 'women'.

It's bullshit.

General Hurley said today; “Ms McKay is a well-known advocate for women and I look forward to gaining her insight as we continue to work towards a more inclusive organisation... McKay will continue in her role as Executive Director of the Australian National Committee for UN Women (source)

Gosh. I have to wonder if there's any chance, any chance at all, that she can do those two jobs fairly; one where she advocates for women only, the other where she is supposed to work for men equally.

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