Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Gloves, gloves, gloves, gloves

I've always wanted surgical gloves. I had trouble doing photography at high school because my skin is quite sensitive. My teacher insisted we put our hands in the chemical bath, and bullied until i complied. Later, of course, dermatitis kicked in and my hand became almost unusable.

Ah, High School, how I hated you (except for the parts involving my mates and a few moments with girls - way too few).

Anyway, later I had lead minis and you were supposed to paint them before handling - you can see the dilemma! Kitchen gloves just don't cut it, and are generally designed for the hands of tiny Han Chinese women. My hands are average for my size, but kitchen gloves are painful and not good for gripping.

Later in Chemistry at Uni, the issue became serious. We dealt with stuff that really should never touch skin. Most of the other students just accepted a reduced life expectancy. I asked about but there were no practical solutions. I asked at Doctor's but they just got them from phone-ordered office supplies. There are no shop fronts for these things, apparently.

Nowadays you can get these:

So when i was getting the stab yesterday, I asked the tech where she got her gloves. She giggled; seemed to think the question was kinky.

Well, truth is, i wouldn't mind getting them for that purpose too; there's some acts where a pair would have been quite handy! (Image redacted)

  it seems so obvious that gloves that fit, gloves that had some sensitivity, would be practical (and i have minis that still need painting!)

So gave up asking and did an online looksie. Egad! The prices! I presume that they can only be used once, although the gloves they used in the old shows like MASH we re-used, from memory. Maybe they were stronger?

And how would I know which one to get? Am I latex allergic? What if, by some miracle, i did get a partner, and one thing led to another, and she turned out to have an allergy? Could the wrong glove lead to an embarrassing excursion to the ER?

My mind flops about the decision point. Should i shell out for latex free, knowing it might be a waste of my tiny budget, or buy non-sterile latex and a set of sterile non latex just in case, and hope they don't decay by the time they are relevant?

So many choices; psychologically that can be a bad thing. I have to choose where the money goes and i don't have scope for failure;

I must get a decent vacuum, the Dyson DC54 has had a few bad reviews, hmm, buy choice magazine for a  professional opinion? That's another $20!

Must buy Federation Commander , which again cascades into subchoices. PDF or hardcopy? Printer or tablet? There's no storefronts now, and mail delivery could be 6 months and never even arrive. If i buy a tablet, my eyes will struggle with their tiny screens.

Use it on my desktop? Not very handy for a tabletop game.


And always, in the background, there are rumours that the government is cutting disability budgets, chopping out about a third, forcing people's heads underwater.

They can't afford them, they say. They have cut all the revenue from taxing companies, and no longer have an income. They can't afford to try taxing them again either; the companies have too much power over elections
 and whoever offends them is crushed.

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