Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Does Feminism really provide a force field?

I need feminism because I shouldn’t feel like I’m endangering my life every time I go for a run.
And you wouldn't in an all-female society? You really are clueless about violent women, aren't you? You've done neither research nor contemplation,and yet you've arrived at this conclusion because it sounds nice.

That sort of idiocy is why people voted for Hitler. Lots of wonderful promises - all you have to do is switch your brain off and believe and you will feel good.. for now.. until the people you are shooting at start shooting back.

Feminism is worse than nothing for this problem. It teaches people to be blind about half of the evil in the world. It teaches people to hate one half, to scapegoat it for all wickedness, and to despise cool reason, because a moment's thought would lead someone to look at all female environments to see if they really are full of cupcakes and rainbows.

Lesbian Relationships More Violent Than Heterosexual Relationships


Lesbian Partner Violence Fact Sheet
they are not ...
but please, keep telling yourself that. So if you have a violent partner, every time she hits you, you can tell yourself it isn't really happening, no, it's the PATRIARCHY... that does that, not women, all women are good...

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