Sunday, 20 July 2014

What is Feminism?

Feminists say it is

"the radical idea that women are people".

As if no-one had noticed that until Feminists pointed it out to them..a group of people were walking along, and a Feminist pointed at the Moon and said "there's the Moon" and they went "Wow, gosh!" and then the Feminist pointed to the people and said "woman are people" and they went "no, really?"

But what do they say about men?

Men are "the weak ones. We have the mutated chromosome. We are nature’s big joke. And, eventually, we will no longer be needed."
Hmm - seems like the whole thing is best summed up by

Feminism is the radical idea that men are not people"

(sorry about the resolution, it's all i had to work with - feminists love to destroy incriminating evidence)

So what's the context for this? Why is this fool lashing himself, and trying to encourage other men to self-harm?

Because Feminists lie. Because they want there to be a rape culture so badly, that they will manufacture evidence to prove they are victims.

"See!", they say, "men hate us, and so we must hate them, and their hatred is justification for our hatred".

It simply doesn't bother them that they don't have evidence. They feel it is true, therefore it is. Do you remember the year it was discovered we were living in a Patriarchy? Don't you think it strange that no Feminist can define the year it was discovered? And yet, they can claim that they discovered the idea that women were people.

So what happened to the liar? She was caught, for once. Surely there was serious penalties? Her actions could have resulted in the destruction of an innocent man.

In exchange for Lanker-Simons’ plea, Neubauer said the state agrees to recommend the defendant receive a “minimal” fine and no jail time.

Nothing. Not even a slap on the wrist. I'm surprised they didn't offer her compensation for the inconvenience.

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