Sunday, 20 July 2014

Who is we here?

Who is we here? Feminists routinely condemn men as being unattractive and therefore worthless. Take the term 'neckbeard', or the obsession with supposedly unfashionable hat-wear.

Anbd when a man finds a woman attractive and says no, he is condemned, over and over, by Feminists, as being shallow... see for an example

Who is we here? Feminists will routinely condemn any depiction of that guy with several girls in movies etc. as objectifying women. When a woman has two studs hanging from her arms... not a peep.

As for sexual harassment, pah, what rubbish. Companies take it incredibly seriously, because they know they can be sued to the ground. Either the cartoonist has no idea how business works, or they just make up stuff to make women feel victimised.

And when men are harassed, it's a joke. I can think of one movie where it's treated seriously, and even then they pick a sexy woman to do it, and have her go to insane extremes. I've been to workplaces that were all male - but had to remove sexy calenders - and ones that were mixed - but the females put up their beefcake. The males weren't allowed to, of course.

As for problems being solved with getting male attention... der! What do men do to get female attention?

They work hard jobs that take them from their friends and families, they work long hours, they lose themselves in work and when their working life is over, they don't have much to do because it's all they have ever known... and overwhelmingly, they die or are maimed at work, doing the stuff the women won't do, the dirty, dangerous jobs that Feminists never seem to notice when they are looking at wages.... the deadly stuff, the stuff that means you see your mates head on the turf beside you, or try and figure out why everything is going strawberry coloured and tastes bad...

Men do that because it works, because the guy with the money has a huge advantage over the guy who doesn't.

Who is we here? Because boys don't get laid if they accept themselves. They get laid if they strive for more than what they are. The dude who sits at home eating chips and playing games is mocked... by Feminists.

Females are taught to control their urges? By religions. If you have a problem with religion, join the club. You aren't oppressed by them. They have no legal power over you. And they preach everyone will go to hell, as a rule, but the very few.

You are sad because their imagined god hates you? Doesn't that seem ridiculous to you?

As for males, Feminists teach them their sexuality is a source of shame; they aren't allowed to even sit next to kids on airflights because it paints all men as pedos, and erases the female predators. men are leering, lecherous beasts, barely human.

Here's a test. Without warning, ask a room full of feminists for positive things about women. The list will be endless.

Now ask the same for men.

(*chirp... chirp*)

Feminists loathe men, and teach men to loathe themselves. No wonder the suicide rate keeps climbing.

As for the whole "too butch" thing, what happens to men who aren't deemed masculine? Do women find short men attractive? Nope. In dating profiles, whenever height is an option, women go for tall guys, because that's seen as masculine. We are talking Feminists here. If bisexual, they might open the doors to female partners of all sorts, but men better be manly. If they are like women, complain and cry, well, it's "male tears" ... they need to bottle it inside until they kill themselves, like manly men do.

Who is we here? She doesn't care enough? Fat men are treated better? By Feminists? Seriously?

And I've never heard an anorexic described as someone who cares too much!

You know males are anorexic too, right?

I love that breathless "even women perpetuate ... systemic sexism!"


Women perpetuate sexism, men perpetuate sexism, and the biggest perp's are the Feminists. Feminists have phrases that describe men as innately inferior, to the point where they are described as genetical defective scum who need to be 'reduced' or eradicated outright.

There's just no equivalent from non-feminists. Even the ultra-conservative religious folk think they should send men out to die to protect women.I've never heard of a Feminist volunteering to die for a man. That would be absurd!

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