Monday, 1 September 2014

Feminist Myths

From Women Against Feminism:

1) Claim - Women couldn't work or be educated without feminism?


There was a female doctor called Elizabeth Blackwell. A doctor being a highly educated career. She held this position in 1850. 100 years BEFORE feminism.

Even as far back as Medieval times, it is shown that women could work and if they were of a higher class, full on run estates and businesses. And I think it's safe to say that if they were running entire estates, they were not lacking in education.

2) Claim - Women would have no say in society without feminism?


In 1674, the women of London created a petition against coffee houses because their men were socialising in them. And apparently the coffee was making men less interested in sex which these women didn't seem happy about. They presented their petition to the king at the time and in the following year the coffee houses were closed down. Again, all of this BEFORE feminism.

3) Claim - Without feminism, women wouldn't be allowed the vote?


In the UK men were granted the right to vote in honour of their contribution to the war effort, or to be blunt, because they were being sent away to risk their lives. At the same time, women who contributed to society also had the right to vote. Suffragettes only sought the right to vote for upper middle class women, and later, all women. They did not demand that they have the right with equality to men though. After all, they weren't offering themselves up to fight in trench warfare.
In the US, it is a fairly similar story. As it is pretty much everywhere where there is universal suffrage.

4) Claim – Feminism had anything to do with any of these things anyway


Feminism as an ideology didn't show up until the 1960's. They took the political activities and actions of suffragettes, suffragists, and women's rights activists and declared them as being their own.

And they bullied and harassed other women in to accepting their leadership. What is known as second wave feminism is in fact first wave feminism. What is known as first wave feminism was not feminism at all, it was a whole bunch of separate groups of women fighting different battles in the name of women. Feminism, from its inception in the 60's was highly focused on male-hatred (misandry).

They didn't gain much traction until they hijacked an issue that one Erin Pizzey brought to the attention of the public. That issue was of domestic violence, she won awards for her work and started up the first women's shelter. Feminists intruded and associated themselves in Erin's work.

And when Erin Pizzey tried to address that men had problems and that women could be bad, feminists bullied and harassed her. And made legitimate threats to her life, legitimate enough that she had to flee the country for 15 years. And with feminists yet again hijacking the work for women from another woman, they used the issue of domestic violence to get funding from the government.

They then re-marketed themselves as being about “Equality” to clean up their public image. Their marketing campaigns being funded by the money generated from government grants. A worrying proportion of funds didn't actually go to helping women.

They use bullying, harassment and emotional manipulation to silence everyone that won't adopt the label. They act like a controlling partner or parent in an abusive manner. “Without me you'd be weak, you'd be powerless, you'd be nothing!”, “It's not my fault it yours! You're just too stupid to understand!”, “I know I was mean, but that's not the “real” me! I only want what's best for us!”.

Feminism convinces you that unless you're a feminist, you're an evil person. Feminism is the divine and only those who follow feminism are free, and any who don't follow? Those are sinning, woman hating, uneducated savages.

And when you ask them to prove exactly why or how they are so special, their response is, “Well, it's obvious and we don't have to prove ourselves to people clearly not educated enough to understand! And then they continue to use the bullying tactics.

It's like when a mother turns on the water works and makes you feel guilt and shame because you won't do as you're told. Except, with feminists, they use the the water-works (victimhood) - but they also use aggression and violence.

Feminism has always been what it is today, but as of late they are being more obvious about it. That is what complacency does for you. Suffragettes and women's rights activists were not feminists. Stop claiming that they are the same. You have just hijacked others efforts and claimed them as your own and I have looked at feminist history and women's rights history in depth.

So feminists, please don't have the audacity to tell anyone that they need to educate themselves about feminism. The insinuation that others should educate themselves is laughable when it comes from one claiming the label of feminist.

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