Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Feminists demand 50% of all well paid jobs

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Feminists demand women take up 50% of all well paid jobs.

"Becoming a CEO of a major company takes a lifetime of sacrificing almost everything in your life for your career.  Programming often involves 80 hour weeks in poorly lit dungeons, with extensive nights and weekends.  There are even laws that allow tech industry jobs to avoid paying overtime, (I’m seriously, there are laws that explicitly name technology industries as exempt from overtime).  "

Feminists want the position without the sacrifices they leave males to make.
Currently women can't get those jobs without making the sacrifices - so they don't do those jobs! Then Feminism decides it's the Patriarchy conspiring to make women not do those jobs.

"I’ve seen women fight off attempts at promoting them, because they felt the little extra pay didn’t justify the significant extra stress.  Since most of the managers are male and most of the employees female, (it was a bank), women have to fight off attempts at promoting them.  Often the women who did get promoted were not promoted because they wanted to, but because they weren’t strong enough to stand up to the company’s heavy-handed attempts at promoting them."

" Jobs that don’t pay as well, are dangerous, or labour-intensive can stay male-dominated for all they care. Honestly, they never talk about it."

"There are plenty of articles about the "desirable" sectors being men’s clubs (engineering in this case), and how they should be more inclusive. (Funny thing I noticed in that link: “long hours” and “demanding lifestyle” were listed as traits of a male-dominated culture. )

Meanwhile, no big push to make these more “inclusive”…"

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