Wednesday, 24 September 2014

The 'Emma Attack' debunked, and are hosted on the same server. They are connected to FoxWeekly, who where the first Website who broke the News about Emmayouarenext.

Foxweekly used to be a youtube spammer group named Swenzy (later "SocialVevo") and resembles one of their previous schemes, a website with a countdown to a supposed announcement about the character Brian from Family Guy:

One of the few mentions of Rantic Marketing on google is an article on Foxweekly that was posted 5 days ago and has since been taken down:

Foxweekly "reported" on

This got picked up by mainstream media, who are pushing a narrative that Emma is being targeted by "4chan hackers" in retaliation for that feminist speech:

Washington Post:


Some others:

Rantic Marketing claimed to have been "hacked by 4chan" before:

In their willingness to "Listen and Believe" the feminist victimization narrative, the mainstream media have allowed themselves to be used in a viral marketing scheme.

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