Tuesday, 11 November 2014

A Million Mangina March?


" in support of ending sexual violence against women."

How will crossdressing accomplish this task, and why only against women*? Will women be doing anything to help male victims? Haha, only kidding, of course they won't. Feminism is HeForShe, never the other way around.

" a hope for a future where sexual violence will no longer exist in society."

Why not hope for a future where violence will no longer exist in society? Because that's insane. Because limiting such things through laws and police is the best solution we have - and it's worked pretty well. Violence is far lower, sexual and otherwise, than it used to be.

Crossdressing has nothing to do with it, and is instead propaganda claiming that women are the only victims, men the perpetrators of all evil, and that women need men to protect them and can't do things for themselves - ironically in direct contradiction to the feminist mantra that "a woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle".

"It takes a strong man to be a partner and ally to those who are the victims to sexual violence"

Who are invariably female, by their understanding. It's interesting that it's not
""It takes a strong person to be a partner and ally to those who are the victims to sexual violence"

because of course, if you have a vagina, you can forget about it; it's none of your concern. Let the men do all the work.

"(It takes) even a stronger one who has the courage and self-respect to call other men on their sexist and disrespectful behavior and intervene in potentially dangerous situations"

Firstly, again it's emphasised that only men have to do this, secondly it's painted as if only men were sexist (and that sexual violence has to do with sexism, when it's mostly opportunism by the amoral elements of society) and thirdly RESPECT HAS TO BE EARNED.

You do no merit respect automatically because you have a vagina any more than if you have a penis.
If feminism was an egalitarian movement, this would be a no-brainer. The fact it's never considered is further proof that feminism is a deeply sexist movement.

"Real men ask permission"

Ah, the no true Scotsman fallacy, it must have been a billionth of a second since a feminist used that one last. Listen, whether men ask permission or not, they are still real men. They might be bad men or good men, depending on your understanding of morality BUT THEY ARE ALL REAL MEN.

And you don't need to verbalise with women any more than you do with men. If a woman touches up a man, and then man touches up the woman, and they have intercourse, by the Feminist PoV, he just RAPED her, because he didn't "ask permission".

Most people are completely happy with having sex without chatting throughout the process, and continually asking if you can continue is the biggest mood-killer i can imagine. Ok, next to my partner being Lena Dunham.

Feminists look at a couple who have been married for twenty years and happily enjoy each others bodies and decide "I MUST POLICE THEM".

He must be evaluated to see if he continually verbalises; she is a childlike waif who is incapable of saying "stop" when she needs to.

He, of course, is always ready and wanting for sex, so she never needs to ask him by their rules.
"I think that many men and every man on this campus is all ready to give this much pain to make sure that women can have equal rights as men and enjoy this campus," Pashtun said.

Well, job done then. Name one right men have in the West that women don't.

Just one. Take your time.

Would you like to phone a friend?

Let's swap it. Imagine if Feminism WAS an egalitarian movement. One that cared to make sure women and men were treated equally. Yes, that is quite difficult, can i recommend a Bex and  a lie-down afterwards - but just for a moment, imagine they actually walked the walk and not just talked the talk.

What would the women wear?

Combat boots.

Women cannot be conscripted in the West. In the United States, the difference is so substantial that a man does not even have suffrage unless he agrees to conscription. It's called Selective Service.

Now, count up all the Feminist organisations that want SS applied without sex-based rules.

I'll give you a hint: it's the same number as unicorns running for President in Uruguay in October.

*Why is it only straight women, anyway, do feminists imagine lesbian rape is a contradiction in terms?
Well that's exactly the argument used by Mary P. Koss of the CDC to justify rape laws that granted immunity to most female rape crimes. And "The Vagina Monologues" explicitly claimed it was "Good Rape" when an adult woman molests a child. So yeah, Feminists erase it or even praise it when it's done by a woman.
And when a man does it - all men did it, and all must be blamed.

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