Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Buzzfeed hypocrites - it's only sexist when men do it

From an article on why women judging men on their butts is empowerment while men judging women is eye-rape.

Katelyn Elizabeth

"Because men can be ogled and still be treated like people, while women get ogled and treated as objects"

You can justify any atrocity with that logic. It's not even true that women are treated as objects; you aren't put to death if you damage an object, and if you 'rape' one, people think you are just absurd and pathetic.

Women are not objects, and the only times they were treated as objects were the same as that when men were.

So you are saying injustices against your tribe can be justified by imagined injustices in the past. That argument is always used for genocide. The Hutus and the Tutsis; the Nazis and the Jews; we've seen it all before, over and over.

You see an act and describe it as wrong. You see it again, and decide it is now right - it was done by your side - against the enemy - how can it be wrong?

There is no justice to your kind. There is certainly no equality beyond endless lip-service.

You make me wish there was a hell, just so you and the rest of your hypocritical harpies could meet some sort of justice. Instead, I shall just use you as yet another example of how corrupt your movement has become, to recruit others to my cause.

Fare poorly.

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