Friday, 27 February 2015

"Don't you get sick of being told how terrible and awful straight guys are?"

Response to

"  so you're a straight dude and you're a feminist? don't you get sick of being told how terrible and awful straight guys are"
    Yes, psychologically healthy people do do that. People who have been indoctrinated to loathe their own kind will laugh along and just die a little more every time.
" Here’s a few things about when people say stuff like “cis het guys are fucking disgusting.”"

Which is equivalent to saying "Jewish Men are fucking disgusting" or "Black men are fucking disgusting". If those two things are unacceptable then why is the broader category ok? It's because your self-despite is wo overwleming that you don't see that hating all men includes hating Jewish men, Muslim men and black men.

"1. When it comes to harmful comments, being told that cis heterosexual guys are shitheads is the bottom of the barrel."

Is that how it works? You can kick people in the stomach if you decide they have relatively pleasant lives? And you think that's a good idea? I mean, ok, maybe you smile and lick the boots of those who assault you - but if you have a son who is beaten up, you will tell him THAT HE DESERVED IT?

"We never have to deal with our actions being called into questions"

What bullshit. Campaigns about 'manspalining and 'manspreading' and rape culture are constantly on the news, and we are forced to attend lectures on them.

And if we share a drink with a woman, and have sex, she can now legally claim to be unable to consent - as a man, we are held responsible for her behaviour - thanks to feminism.

" and we’re allowed a stupid and ridiculous amount of wiggle rooms with ideas like “boys will be boys.” "

 Which applied to boys being rambunctious. The feminist idea that that applies to violence to women is the exact opposite of the truth. Men traditionally throw themselves in front of women when danger threatens - not the other way around.

Rapists can be murdered on the spot - no other crime is dealt with so seriously.

Men who attempt Domestic Violence on women in public are attacked - by men.

 Men who have DV on them in public? Can find people assist their ATTACKER.

 "We can do things women would get crucified for doing."

What for? Saying Jehovah? What fucking crime exists that anyone is crucified for? Even IS just crucifies men - women are given a cleaner death.

" Sleeping around doesn’t make us “slutty” "

 Asking a woman for a coffee can get you labelled as a creep. Making a dirty joke can get you fired if you are overheard by a woman - who publicly makes dirty jokes.

This is not the 1950s. No-one is checking the panties of the girls to make sure they are virgins. Except in your paranoic imaginations.

” Spending a lot of time focusing on our look and style doesn’t make us “shallow,”

No, usually it means you're gay.

" even though neckbeard fedora MRA dickheads have ruined that word."

Oh yes, judging people by their appearance is a terrible thing - unless you do it towards men. You know women are MRAs too, right? No? You think they are secretly men? Lizard people? Robots? What?

"So if a woman wants to call cishet guys gross, it’s kinda like calling a white dude a cracker."

Oh, so you are a racist as well as a misandrist. At least you are consistently horrible.

It's exactly the same as calling a Jewish man a kike, or a black man a nigger. It is an expression of hatred against someone simply for being born.

It's funny how often feminists say misandry doesn't exist, then vomit it up everywhere.

 "You can’t be racist or sexist to the people who are in power"

 You can, and are. Because a gay man has more money than you doesn't mean you can't hurt him by calling him a faggot.

  " because it’s an institutionalized thing."

 According to feminists and no-one else on the planet. Racism is a worldwide phenomenon. It's the cause of genocides. The Hutus and the Tutsis both felt the other was the group in power. It was then used to justify the atrocities. After all, we have to do these things; we're the victims; it's self defense for us to BURN THE CHILDREN ALIVE.

 They are just cockroaches, after all.

 Yours is the face of a hate movement - that has managed to recruit the members of the hated group as it's servants. You are a willing Kapo, happy to push other people like you into the ovens - hoping it will mean that your turn will be LAST.

"2. Here’s the thing. Straight guys are kiiiinda the worst."

A woman killed her seven children and her niece the other day. You think she is better than the best straight man? Fuck me dead, that is some impressive doublethink you have going on right there.

Women were involved in the concentration camps of Nazi Germany. You are such a bootlicker you think they have a fucking halo shining out their arse.

"I’m sorry, but have you SEEN other dudes? Jesus Christ, we’re fucking awful."

Yep. Carl Sagan, Robin Williams, Earl Silverman..What monsters!

Oh yes, I can see why a woman who operates a death camp is so much better than men who cared for others, who were kind, who gave their lives for their children, their parents, their wives

"It’s gotten so bad that literally like 80 percent of the time I’ve begun to talk to a new girl through the internet, dating sites, tumblr or texting, they seriously make a point to say something like “holy fuck I’m so glad you can have an actual conversation.”"

That's where your goalposts are, is it? "All those men were willing to die for the women they loved - but I can make conversation REAL GOOOOD!"

"When I see screenshots of dudes texting it’s so fucking terrible."

This is so brainless I can actually feel my neural network shuttin' down.

"I fucking hate 18 year old me. "

I don't think you stopped at 18, mate.

" I’ve SEEN conversations women have had with men where, once the woman rejects the guy as politely as she can, he immediately turns on her."

Which never happens to gay women, gay men, or straight men. Of course not.


"... insults her weight, appearance, anything he knows she might be insecure about. It’s horrible and disgusting."

Like calling someone an obese neckbeard isn't?

"we’re taught to think of ourselves as kings who, if the women are lucky enough, will bestow our kingly dick and balls upon them."

You really should tell the homeless man down the street how fucking overconfident he is. The boys who hang themselves? Obviously too much self-esteem is the problem!

Male suicide rate just keeps climbing - I have to wonder if it isn't because of people like you telling them they SHOULD hate themselves?

"This isn’t even TOUCHING the dangerous ideas of the friend zone"

'Dangerous'? I would say more people have been injured by the Macarena. People, men and women, straight and gay, are sad when the ones they love don't return it. Fuck you for shaming men for it.

" I used to be one of those white knight dudes"

Hahahaha oh lawd, me sides, me sides are burstin'!

"3. The most terrible thing to men? IS MEN."

Like you, for example.

"Somehow, MRAs got this idea that feminism is about killing men"

Some of it literally is. Valerie Solanas was pretty clear on the topic. She has fan clubs.

"The Female Man". Best-seller. Still doing well, rave reviews by feminist on Amazon.

But the biggest killer - apart from the jail terms for men falsely accused of rape - apart from the jail terms for men who cannot pay for a child they never consented to produce - who might not even be related to them

- the biggest killer - is the self-hatred.

It's murdered you. You're dead inside. You are a shell living in the service of feminists, living only on self-hatred, living only for the ruin of other men.

You're the Walking Dead, man.

" That just goes to show why feminism has to exist"

In the same way that.. Nazism.. has to exist... because it's a vile hate-movement?

The fact it's appalling means we have to worship it?

Jesus bloody Christ. Did you read the Necronimicon and lose all your sanity points?

" somehow men’s rights activists took a movement about women and made it about them"

No, they took a movement about men and found feminists - like you - attacking them when they tried to talk - like erin Pizzey found out when she had to leave the country on police advice WHEN PEOPLE LIKE YOU THREATENED HER FAMILY.

Pull any fire alarms lately? I merely ask for information.

" The terrible shit that happens to men? We pretty much do all of it to ourselves."

You really think women are powerless? Women VOTE. Women elect representatives who serve their interests. And Feminist write laws. They make sure only men can be convicted of rape in most countries. They sweep female rapists under the carpet. They hide lesbian DV statistics. This hurts women too, but I guess they don't care.

The ends justify the means. Even if it breaks lives. Even if it means a little girl will be raped by her aunt and never be able to seek justice. Feminists are ok with that.

"First of all, there’s the idea of toxic masculinity."

the feminist idea, that the quality of being male is poisonous - lik the Nazi idea, that the quality of being Jewsih was poisonous.

 "We raise boys to believe that they have to be tough."

 Do feminists raise girls to be tough? How are they doing on those firefighter physical tests by the way? Can't pass them? Huh.

 If the gals aren't going to be tough - just who the fuck is?

 "“boys don’t cry,” we try and tell them. "

 In old movies. But you are right, feminists do tell us we can cry - into their cups - and mock us for doing so.

 "they’re emotionally stunted and filled with anger."

 Men have created epics in prose and poetry, in verse and dance. We're not stunted except in the feminist imagination.

" “boys will be boys,” we say as we write off bad and violent behavior. "

Feminist write off violent female behaviour all the time. They even call for female prisons to be closed, like they did in the UK.

"We’re telling young boys that they aren’t free to express their emotions in the natural way"

No, we are literally not doing that except in your imagination. You have no evidence for any of this shit. You might as well claim Satanists have infiltrated their classes and are back-masking music and playing D&D with them.

" Then, we grant them the freedom to be physically and verbally aggressive to other people."

By punishing them more severely than we do females for the equivalent crimes? How does that even work? No, don't tell me - I don't want to end up barking mad as well.

Even beyond that, MRAs are so quick to shout “things are bad for men too”

Which is their job. to point out when bad things happen to men. You don't quite understand how the rights business works, do you?

"when presented with those ideas, they write them off as invalid."

Anyone - even people who have never heard of MRAs - who knows the principles of logic writes off your ideas as invalid. You assert all these things - without evidence, without critical review, without testing them.

"Whenever we talk about the statistics of women who are raped and how it’s a problem"

A problem that has steadily diminished with time - as many have pointed out, with the availability of pornography and computer games - both of which your side despises.

You morons don't get it. Rape is the most serious crime there is in the west. Different rules apply for accused rapists than for any other accused. The 1500 year old principle of "Innocent until proven Guilty" was even abolished in some cases - because of feminist lobbying.

We are just supposed to "Listen and Believe". The woman points; the man hangs. And you have no problem with that - so long as you get to be the one pulling the lever and not the one doing the jig on the wind.

" if you look on Facebook, as soon as someone posts an article about some 35 year old teacher who raped a 17 year old boy, it’ll literally only be the men who say things like “heh, that boy is so lucky” or “wish I had a teacher like that!”"

Moving the goalposts; you are blaming MRAs for what men do? It's an outright lie, too, as i have argued WITH WOMEN who thought that a woman who does such things should not be punished like man.

You don't seem to have read any of the feminist responses to Inverted Gender who took a case like that and gender flipped it. They had no problem with a female perpetrator - but a male? They wanted his balls hanging from the wall.

"do you know what it means to claim that men are also raped, and then immediately joke about how lucky it is for a man to be raped by a woman?"

No, because I live in reality and not your paranoid fantasies?

"That is why women need feminism."

Because of things that don't exist in reality? Huh, the same reason we need Unicornism I guess.

"that is why I don’t mind seeing jokes about straight(ish) dudes like me on tumblr."

Because of stuff that doesn't happen in real life. Because of stuff you just make up because you use it to justify your hate, to yourself, and to others like you. Because hurting men makes the pain inside just a little easier to bear.

I would wish you poorly but I know your every living breath is a torment - and it will only get worse as your movement weakens.

May your torment be brief.

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