Wednesday, 25 February 2015

QA (the national broadcaster) claims there's "entrenched misogyny in Australia"?

 There's free legal advice for female victims, for example, and DV shelters. When my friend was being bashed, i checked; none of that existed for men.

I'm hoping it has now changed:

"work with Police and the courts to remove your violent husband, partner or boyfriend"

Huh. No mention of girlfriend or wife. Not sounding promising.

"Support workers from women’s refuges can help you work out what extra services you need, and link you up with them."

No refuges for men? No support for men?

"If you are a migrant or refugee, please see our section for women from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds"

So when more women are killed - that means we only focus on women - but when a few migrant women are injured - they get special funding - and NO AUSTRALIAN BORN OR MIGRANT MEN GET A PENNY.

"If you would like your organisation’s website linked to this page, please contact the Violence Prevention Coordination Unit, Women"

Huh. Bad luck if you're a male organisation. No help for you, matey.

The bias is so blatant.

"I am an older woman
I am a young woman
I am a young male and I am concerned about my behaviour in my relationship"

So the concept of a woman who might be responsible for DV - it just seems impossible for them to grasp.

Even when a woman slaughters eight children - they will sweep that under the carpet.

I could go on but I think my point is made.

DV is a political weapon. It is used by feminists against men to demonise men. The fact that that places children at risk (women are responsible for most DV to children) doesn't bother them. the fact that means men can't get help - why should they, men are the enemy, who cares what happens to the enemy?

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