Friday, 27 February 2015

Response to Claire Solomon, 'journalist'

"Boys will be boys — they just love destroying things.”

Oh yes, those evil, evil, boys.. clearly lesbian separatism is the only solution.

Or it's a heap'o'codswallop. Men seem very good at building things. Look around you.

" Her husband was arrested and charged with murder."

Clearly playing with building blocks and killing people are related. They must be confiscated immediately!

"Ms Ismagul was the 14th woman this year to meet a violent end"

No reference cited; for all we know the rest died from cage matches.

"In some cases, children or new male partners also die."

You know a woman killed her seven kids and her niece recently, right? Eight kids? All by herself? How did that happen? Was she allowed to play with lego or something?

"experts see a clear pattern of underlying attitudes that sanction male aggression."

Rubbish. Point me to peer reviewed papers. This is the sort of rubbish that is used to justify banning computer games, pornography and heavy metal music.

Dr Michael Flood, Senior Lecturer in Repeating Feminist Theories He Read on Tumblr ... has no credibility. Nothing he says has been tested or subjected to scrutiny. We are supposed to "Listen and Believe" because he's been given a job as a sociologist? When there's no data, no agreement from the paediatric community or psychiatry in general - he says it, we BELIEVE.

That's not a science, not even a soft one. That's a cult.
"Boys are taught..that women are good for only one thing. "

Which is why men die for women, apparently. Because that's what people do for their rape-toys.

"Many school and community-based programs show good results"

No reference. Might as well claim sacrificing goats to Satan was the cause.

"the cuts to community legal centres, Legal Aid and the Aboriginal Family Violence services must be reversed,” says Susan Fahey, CEO and Principal Solicitor of Women’s Legal Services "

Of course she says that, it's her bottom line that's at stake.

"Michael Flood concludes: “I’m not optimistic we will see a decline in rates of violence over the next decade "

So he has no reason to believe his method will change anything, certainly refuses to provide benchmarks that we can use to assess it's effectiveness - but demands we do it on blind faith.

"FAST FACTS" (aka stuff I just made up which sounds good)

"• More than one in three women in Australia (39%) have experienced violence at the hands of a man since the age of 15"

No reference, no mention of violence at the hands of females - just a slur that males are the cause of all violence.

It goes on for abit like that...


• 17% of women over 18 have been stalked by a man (ABS 2013)."

Ok, so a survey said they were stalked - not to the point they went to the police... no mention of how many men were stalked, or that women stalk, or a definition of stalking in this context.

" close to half of Australians think men rape because they can’t control their need for sex."

Relevance? What they think doesn't matter because they aren't relevant experts. The people who deal with rapists are - people who weren't contacted because they have nothing to do with the narrative you are pushing.

"Around half believe the lie"

Wooo, careful. Do you know it's a lie?

"that women often make false allegations of rape or domestic violence"

So you wrote this article for a newspaper - but you never read the articles in such things bout women who are caught out lying?

You know women aren't any better than men? No? You think they're better? So much for feminism being about equality (pffft!)

This research took 5 seconds:

Can I suggest you read? No? Not going to? You don't want to read anything that contradicts your dogma?

You do know lesbian domestic violence is more frequent than straight, which is more frequent than gay?

I guess someone gave those lesos too many damn blocks! Ruin'd 'em for life! Shoulda splured on the meccano!

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