Friday, 13 February 2015

Were the Suffragettes 'Feminists'?

Reblogged from Exposing Feminism:
A lot of people have allowed the feminist movement's historical revisionism and lies to taint and claim the wonderful accomplishments of the women's suffrage movement but the pioneers of the women's suffrage movement never said that they were a part of a feminist movement.

In fact the words "feminism" or "feminist" are never even mentioned in the books they wrote about the movement at the time. In the screenshot (click to zoom) you can see a search done in the book edited by Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Susan B. Anthony titled History of Women's Suffrage 1883-1900 and you can see that a search for the word "feminism" yields "0" results.…
And a search for the word "feminist" yields "0" results.…

So if this was a feminist movement why didn't they call themselves feminists during the movement?

And here's part 2 of her diaries and letters and no mention of the word "feminism".

Elizabeth Cady Stanton never calls herself a feminist or mentions the word "feminism" in her letters and diaries either.

The only result for the word "feminist" is the person who wrote the introduction calling her a feminist in the modern age after she died.

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