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'Testosterone poisoning'?


All my life, I have heard that the reason men are behind all violence is that they are 'testosterone poisoned'. It's interesting to see how much data there is to the contrary.

Feminists look at the differences between men and women as the difference between angels and demons - and guess who they cast as the demons?

#Feminism: Not Even Once.

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Monday, 30 March 2015

"Basic research you say? Don’t mind if I do!"; Article reblogged from PLC

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privilegedlittlecunt said:

There is nothing more misogynistic than wanting the wage gap to be real so badly that you deny all forms of proof of its inexistence, still claim that outdated and disproved theories of the wage gap are factual, and cling to the completely illogical phrase “murder is illegal” to somehow paint the Equal Pay Act of 1963 as irrelevant.

militarygradefubar said:




#your argument is invalid its not hard to do basic research on these things #fucking anti feminists #like what the fuck #btw your blog is shit #go fuck yourself #asswipe #Christ you are the ultimate fuckboi

privilegedlittlecunt said:

But, basic research you say? Don’t mind if I do!

Men do not get paid more than women.

The Census Bureau wage statistics calculated the average income of men and women in the United States. There were no limitations on the incomes that were involved in the calculations, they literally lumped together all the incomes they had on record and calculated the average.

Now this is how the average is calculated… all of the salaries are added together. Then the sum of those amounts are divided by how many salaries were added together.

"Oh, but the sum of the female salaries were obviously lower than the male salaries!"

Yup, but that’s not because women are paid less. That’s because statistically, men are more likely to pick higher paying jobs than women.

The most lucrative jobs are petroleum engineering (87% male), pharmacy pharmaceutical sciences and administration (48% male), mathematics and computer science (67% male), aerospace engineering (88% male), chemical engineering (72% male), electrical engineering (89% male), naval architecture and marine engineering (97% male), mechanical engineering (90% male), metallurgical engineering (83% male), and mining and mineral engineering (90% male).

These are all jobs that men dominate.

Inversely, the least lucrative jobs are counseling psychology (74% female), early childhood education (97% female), theology and religious vocations (34% female), human services and community organization (81% female), human services and community organization (81% female), social work (88% female), drama and theater arts (60% female), studio arts (66% female), communication disorders sciences and services (94% female), visual and performing arts (77% female), and health and medical preparatory programs (55% female).

And no, it’s not because women aren’t “allowed” to get the higher paying jobs. It’s because men are more inclined to choose the high paying jobs. Women’s personalities make them more “predisposed” to pick jobs that happen to pay less than others that men are more “predisposed” to pursue. Doesn’t mean that women don’t exist in the remunerative fields… just means that they are less common because less women are trying to go into these fields. It has nothing to do with sexism, but has everything to do with how male and female personalities differ.

Also, here’s an interesting little factoid. Some women are less likely to even try to join a workplace that is in a male dominated field. Be it they are discouraged or intimidated, the fact of the matter is that women won’t jump at the opportunity to enter these fields.

Not only that, but men are more likely to choose dangerous jobs, such as aircraft pilots, truck drivers, garbage collectors, physical labor jobs like roofers and construction laborers, iron/steel workers, farmers, fishers, loggers, ranchers, and industrial machinery installation/repair.

These are all “male dominated fields.” The amount of workplace fatalities is over nine times higher for men than it is for women (5.5 per 100,000 men, 0.6 per 100,000 women). 4,021 men and 319 women died in workplace injuries in 2009. Men do this for a number of reasons, such as the fact that they are natural risk takers.

Women are statistically more interested in starting a family, so they leave their careers to focus on the family. That’s not a bad thing, it’s just something that women are more “biologically” inclined to do.

Men also are more likely to work longer hours. Men, on average, work 40+ hours per week while women, on average, work 35-39 hours per week. Not only does this make men more likely to be promoted (a company owner will be more inclined to choose an employee who jumps at the opportunity to work overtime for a promotion or pay raise).

So what have we learned so far?

  • The Census Bureau statistics took the salaries of men and women and calculated the mean salary per gender, but didn’t take the types of jobs into consideration.
  • The highest paying jobs are primarily male-dominated fields, while the lowest paying jobs are primarily female-dominated jobs.
  • Women’s personalities are one of the factors that lead them to pursue jobs that happen to be less remunerative, just like how men’s personalities are one of the factors that lead them to pursue high paying jobs.
  • Women will not jump at the opportunity to pursue a job in a male-dominated field.
  • Some of the most dangerous jobs offer pretty fat salaries. Men are more likely to get jobs in dangerous fields.  
  • Women are more likely to leave their jobs to focus on their families.
  • Men work longer hours than women.
So with all of this information, let’s think about the wage gap. The CB took all the salaries and added ‘em together, but didn’t include the information that impacted WHY men make more money than women, which there is overwhelming proof to explain.

So for example, let’s say we have these salaries:

Male workers: $80,000, $83,000, $87,000, $90,000, $92,000, $95,000, $100,000, $110,000, $118,000, $120,340

Female workers: $73,000, $74,600, $77,000, $80,300, $84,000, $88,000, $93,000, $98,300, $105,120, $115,500

Total for male workers: $975,340

Total for female workers: $888,820

Average for male workers: $97,534

Average for female workers: $88,882

So there you go, the average salary for the women is less than the men. In my little cooked up example, the difference is about 91 cents per dollar. Which makes sense, considering the actual gap collected by the Census Bureau says that the gap is probably more along the lines of 81% - 87%, even 94% in some demographics.


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But lemme guess, you’re just gonna ignore all of this and assume I’m a dude again. Lul.
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You don’t like the FemThor, Goddess of Thunder, and all-round SJW?

Reply to http://lollylandgirl.tumblr.com/post/114443940948/i-got-it-you-dont-like-the-goddess-of-thunder


I got it. You don’t like the Goddess of Thunder. You don’t like Thor (the new version of Thor). I’m sure you have your reasons. But I have my reasons to like it, too.

First of all, I’ve read Thor before. And liked the comics. Not the character, but that’s because I tend to like little assholes. Thor is not my kind of guy. But I’ve enjoyed his comics (mostly because of Loki being a real asshole or a semi-asshole. I mean, Loki being Loki. I like the bad Loki), so when I started reading this Thor, this wasn’t my first comic nor my first Thor comic.

What do I like? That I can relate to her. So many people have been worthy (even Drax, but maybe because that wasn’t the Mjölnir we know) at certain point, so why not a woman? A woman we still don’t know who she is- but she’s a pre-existing character. It’s not a character without name. And she even wasn’t “Thor” until he gave her the name. I like this. It reminds me of a Batwoman quote about that she realized that everyone could be under that mask, even herself. It’s the first time the God(dess) of Thunder could really be anyone.

She’s not a big, rude guy? Nope. (I’m not calling Odinson rude, okay? Don’t get me wrong). She’s a woman who can show everyone she can be at least as good as Odinson. She’s a flawed character (that doesn’t want to deny she’s a woman, who can fail, said stupid things, be funny) that doesn’t know what to do all the time. And that left us with a unworthy Odinson, without his characterystic power, who had started to grow in me.

I fell like the ones who don’t like her are represented in the comic by Odin. And he has a point. Like you all do. I’m not talking about the writing because I’m not that good at english.

And then… another thing. It’s not the best comic ever written. But if there’s people who like it, people who see themselves in the character, people who waits for the next comic because they really enjoy it, people who are inspired by it… how you dare to say it bad? I’ts new. It’s different. And low sales and cancelled titles don’t mean something is bad. Guardians of the Galaxy vol. 2 got cancelled and if you’re telling me it’s bad I’m honestly questioning you. Even if Thor was bad… so what? I enjoy it. Maybe I’m just reading it for fun, because I like to see the possibilities of other Thor, because it’s another look to asgardians.

The last one: maybe this comic isn’t written for you. There are a lot of people out there that isn’t like you. I don’t like Moby Dick, but I’m not going to say it’s pure shit (even though I might think that). Because if you enjoy something… that’s enough. It’s good enough.

I say:

"I got it. You don’t like the Goddess of Thunder."

I might, if she had her own comic instead of taking ours away.

“You don’t like Thor (the new version of Thor).”

That doesn’t even make sense. If you become the President of the United States, you don’t get renamed George Washington, and the now ex-President doesn’t have a name change either.

Thor’s an actual man’s name. There’s many female versions - like Thora. Thor doesn’t make sense as a name even if there was no comic.

And Thor’s a deity from a living religion. This is the equivalent of deciding you will have a comic about the adventures of Mohammed - then making him a gay interior decorator.

it’s going to piss people off if you do that.

“I’m sure you have your reasons.”

Which you seem oblivious of.

“But I have my reasons to like it, too.”

I imagine it would be nice to be able to go into a theatre, point at the best seats and say “mine now”, and have the occupant thrown out.

It’s a vicious thing to do - but hey, if it makes you happy…

" Thor is not my kind of guy. "

So you took him away from his fans. Huh.

"What do I like? That I can relate to her."

she certainly is common, rather than being alien or Asgardian or a fish out of water on earth or… in any way… Thor.

“So many people have been worthy (even Drax, but maybe because that wasn’t the Mjölnir we know) at certain point, so why not a woman? “

i thought you said you had read Thor before? Other hammer bearers were female - they just weren’t called Thor, and Thor didn’t stop being thor. e.g. http://marvel.wikia.com/Jane_Foster_%28Earth-788%29

Thordis. Not Thor.

“A woman we still don’t know who she is- but she’s a pre-existing character.”

More of a trope, really. http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/MarySue

Does she have a personality? Seems like a generic SJW. I keep expecting her to sing “Cry me a river” while listening to the screams of men being burnt alive.

“It’s not a character without name. “

Glad we agree she’s not a character.

“And she even wasn’t “Thor” until he gave her the name. “

Because that’s how names work, amiright? So did you hear George Washington’s speech last night on the news? Very moving. I’m not sure how he’ll cope with being Obama again after the next election.

"It reminds me of a Batwoman quote about that she realized that everyone could be under that mask, even herself.”

You think the deity Thor… is… a mask. Uh huh. So tell me, what’s Jesus’ Secret Identity? Humble rat catcher by day, saviour of mankind at night?

“It’s the first time the God(dess) of Thunder could really be anyone.”

That might be a surprise to Beta Ray.

"She’s not a big, rude guy?"

No, she’s a fascist arsehole who breaks a guys jaw for having a difference in opinion.

"(I’m not calling Odinson rude, okay? Don’t get me wrong)"


“She’s a woman who can show everyone she can be at least as good as Odinson.”

You have an interesting interpretation of the word “good”.

“She’s a flawed character (that doesn’t want to deny she’s a woman, who can fail, said stupid things, be funny) that doesn’t know what to do all the time.”

Thor was flawed. She’s just an asshole.

“And that left us with a unworthy Odinson, without his characterystic power, who had started to grow in me.”

Can we not talk about your sexual fantasies?

"I fell like the ones who don’t like her are represented in the comic by Odin."

No, they are represent in Straw by the Absorbing Man. You know - who she beat effortlessly - and shattered his jaw for antifeminist opinions? Then she beat up his wife who didn’t fight back, because that wouldn’t be Feminist. Then she went on to dash the babies skulls against the stone - but they were male babies, so the SJWs all Jazz-handed themselves into a frenzy.

“And he has a point. Like you all do.”

Unless he does a Linkara, burns the comic, and yells “this comic SUCKS”, then he’s not making it clear enough.

“I’m not talking about the writing because I’m not that good at english."

Yeah, it doesn’t get any better if you can read English, trust me.

"It’s not the best comic ever written."

I don’t think you quite grasp just how true that is.

Here’s the best thing ever written.

Now go look outside at the most distant star. If you were to travel to that star, and look further beyond out to yet another star more distant, and so on, and so on, until there were no more stars and time itself was burning out then still you would not have gone far enough away to place this comic.

“But if there’s people who like it, people who see themselves in the character, people who waits for the next comic because they really enjoy it, people who are inspired by it… how you dare to say it bad?”

Because it took away what was good, and replaced it with the comic equivalent of “Two girls one cup”. You know, there’s an audience for that too; maybe you should try it out if you want to stretch yourself next time.

“I’ts new. It’s different.” It’s Ebola! Now with more oozing!

“And low sales and cancelled titles don’t mean something is bad.”

It’s usually a hint. Capitalism is very good at weeding things out that don’t meet the muster.

“Even if Thor was bad… so what? I enjoy it.”

So if there was some show you liked, we could just replace that with a show about something you hated… because we’d enjoy it and fuck you?

“Maybe I’m just reading it for fun, because I like to see the possibilities of other Thor, because it’s another look to asgardians.”

She doesn’t do Asgardian, she does SJW.

"The last one: maybe this comic isn’t written for you."

Exactly. Marvel took a comic written for us, and decided to write it for SJWs, despite the fact they have pissed all over comics ever since the days of the Comics Code Authority.


Because even if you buy the comics - we bought the comics AND the merch and WATCHED THE MOVIES OVER AND OVER AND BOUGHT MORE MERCH AND SPENT AND SPENT AND SPENT..

And all that income stream goes (*poof*) when you replace us as your demo.

“There are a lot of people out there that isn’t like you.”

Who could have read their own comics - WE WEREN’T STOPPING THEM.

“I don’t like Moby Dick, but I’m not going to say it’s pure shit”


" It’s good enough."

Nah, on second thoughts; don’t watch “Two girls one cup”, it’s a little too highbrow for your tastes.

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Feminists want control of the DV industry

Reply to https://plus.google.com/u/0/107888058175235900417/posts/NEydDn5qvay?cfem=1

Brett Caton


 Erin Pizzey was attacked when she tried to help men as well as women with regards to access to DV shelters.

Attacked, as in advised by the police to leave the country. She will testify to this, it's in police records, you can check, etc.

This stuff happens to anyone who tries to help men.. feminists want control of the DV industry. They use it to teach women that men are bad, and to teach men to be ashamed, and to relieve their original sin through service to women and against other men.

"I would say that anyone who thinks that, statistically speaking, women are as guilty of committing domestic abuse at the same rate men are is diluted."

http://pb.rcpsych.org/content/35/1/33.1 "Large epidemiological studies have demonstrated that domestic violence is most commonly reciprocal and that when only one partner is violent there is an excess of violent women."

Well, it appears the scientific community is diluted and needs to be distilled or something.

"Sorry, but we are talking a difference of 85% to 15% here"

No. If you are talking about the Primary Aggressor Laws, then yes, almost always, they'll convict men; they were built by VAWA using the Duluth Model, which holds that violence is a product of masculinity.




VAWA sends missionaries worldwide to propagate this view, to the point where in Western Australia, for example, (this has been updated to be somewhat less sexist, but it's still very one sided)

Women’s Domestic Violence Helpline

This service provides support and counselling for women experiencing family and domestic violence.

This includes phone counselling, information and advice, referral to local advocacy and support services, liaison with police if necessary and support in escaping situations of family and domestic violence. The service can refer women to safe accommodation if required.

Men’s Domestic Violence Helpline

This service provides counselling for men who are concerned about becoming violent or abusive.

The service can provide telephone counselling, information and referral to ongoing face to face services if required.  Information and support is also available for men who have experienced family and domestic violence.


The update added that help was available for men - although it never says what - whereas it's very clear for women - and it also makes it very, VERY clear that men are abusers, women are abused, men need to stop abusing, women ... do not.

No wonder women can hit their husbands on camera, be hit back, and have the audience only remember the man striking a woman.

In fact, Jezebel, thee popular feminist website, thought the idea of DV against men was great fun: http://jezebel.com/294383/have-you-ever-beat-up-a-boyfriend-cause-uh-we-have

Look at the comments:

10/15/08 2:12pm

How did you overcome the feelings that you had after doing this? I just drunkenly pummeled my boyfriend this weekend for no good reason. (I was really wasted.)

I feel so terrible. He says that he is staying, but the looks that he has been giving me are heartbreaking. I know that your post on this subject was a long time ago, but I would like to know how you worked it out.


She doesn't want to feel guilty after doing it, and asks advice... for the guilt.

"Anyway, one day I had enough of his horses*** (I honestly can't even remember what triggered it, but I'm sure it was good) and I started beating the living s*** out of him. I felt really bad for losing control like that, but later realized it was much worse that I was with someone who could push my buttons that way.

(I have another ex who was sexually/mentally/verbally abusive, and if we ever cross paths again, he'd better pray there are no blunt objects or firearms nearby, 'cause I will take him out.)

Change the sexes and you'd be calling the cops. But it's only bad when men do it, amiright?



Thursday, 26 March 2015


"Imagine you're an ant". He dropped a little peppercorn on the table, and pointed at it. "This is you."

His friend looked bemused, and mumbled "err.. ok" (*slurp*). Even the coffee sounded dubious.

"Ok, now" - I'm a human - he grabbed a spoon and went to crush the seed.

"Hey! Stop!" said his mate.

"You can't - you can't think like that. You have no idea what another being is - you are just too far below to talk to a human, or want to, for that matter".

"Ants talk to ants"...

"They don't know they're doing it; it's like scratching an itch. They don't what another ant is, let alone a human".

"Bummer". He went back to the coffee with renewed vigour, and not a lot of interest in peppercorn-ants.

"And that's what we are like to the creatures above us".

His friend snorted. "I think maybe you smoked a li'l too much something today..."

"I vape the same amount - every day - like my doctor recommends. This isn't a fantasy. Look, I can perceive these creatures because... because I'm not just a human."

"No, you're also massive dipweed, Michael!"

Michael leaned back in the chair, trying to massage the pain down a bit in his knees. His exoskeleton was feeling tight and he wished he could have a bath and get away from it - but he hardly ever went out.

Here he was, in the company of his best friend, feeling completely alone, as he always did when he tried to explain this. He'd been here so many times - but he also knew one time it could end differently - one time Sam would see - and maybe he wouldn't be alone.

It only took one moment to start waking up.

He grabbed the coffee and used the heat against a handkerchief to ease the inflammation.

That waitress walked past again, and oh, he fell in love, as he always did.

"I am the ant", and he dropped more peppercorns, "and they are too, and we are enough alike to be complementary, and to help each other think, and to look in directions we couldn't alone".
He didn't use his finger to pull the husks, merely to shield the seedpods from views other than his friends - not that many would pay attention, but it only took one recording for him to be made internet famous - and then hunted.

Nevertheless, he pulled, and fine threads of the peppers unravelled and tied each other together.


"We are more than the parts; each one of us, still just the ant, but now we can see the human and understand, if only a little, what it is"

His friend had been leaning closer and closer, trying to figure out the trick. It wasn't a hologram; his fingers were sticking to the pepper-net in a very convincing fashion.

"So.. ok, I'm the human... seems to me that hasn't helped you very much". He shook his hand, and the peppers went flying, spinning through space before breaking apart and falling to the floor, to join a dustbunny in contemplation.

"No", Michael said. "That's why I keep dying".

The rules of Feminism

1) Never address your opponents points. Logic and reason are PATRIARCHY.
Instead, appeal to emotion - feel-feelz are our greatest ally!

2) If a male dissents, immediately dismiss anything they might say because they are male - mansplaining.

If it’s a female - internalised misogyny!

Disagreeing with a feminist means you hate all women! That will shame them into silence, or help whip up a mob against the logic attack!

3) Lie, lie, lie. I cannot emphasis this enough. When you wake up in the morning, when you are brushing your teeth, think, over and over, “the wage gap is real! the wage gap is real!”

Eventually you will believe it yourself. This will make lying so much easier.

For example:

Write an article: Women are only paid 78% what men are! Imply it’s for the same work (in the fine print, you can weasel out of it - just make sure they have the impression you want). Then, like the Feminist Initiative, propose a just solution: males must pay more.

Now those logic fascists will cry about apples and oranges, point out that men work longer hours and at harder jobs, and they will bring up dying at ten times the rate as a result - as if we cared about them dying!

So immediately dogpile on them - tell them it’s their big male egos talking! Call them pissbabies! Delete their comments if you can’t think of anything else!http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2015/03/23/jordan-high-school-gender-equality-bake-sale_n_6925692.html?fb_comment_id=fbc_1017817508246704_1018044391557349_1018044391557349#f18100b378
Krispen M. Nelson

Top Commenter ·
Missoula, Montana

How is this unfair or wrong, or hateful? My local YMCA has a sliding scale, people who make less can pay less. Is the Y being hateful?
Seems to me like if women are paid less, they should be charged less, at least if you want to be fair.

  • Brett Caton

    Top Commenter ·
    Pennant Hills High School

    "How is this unfair or wrong, or hateful? "

    That's just what I said when I charged the Jews who entered my shop a little extra, to make up for all the money they steal. I don't have any proof, but I read they do it on a website, so that's all the truth i need!

    "My local YMCA has a sliding scale, people who make less can pay less. Is the Y being hateful? "

    Ah, so they pay equally FOR THE SAME WORK? Huh. That sounds like they are obeying the law. Just like men are when they pay DIFFERENTLY for DIFFERENT work.

    "Seems to me like if women are paid less"

    for different work. Do you know what an average is? Because that's how the 'pay gap' myth goes.

    You sum up all the money men earn, and average that, and compare the average to what women earn on average.

    You ignore all the differences. You know they are there, but you also know what conclusion you want to get to. Men are wicked, women are their victims.. gotta massage the data until it says what you want it to say!

    The fact men work longer? Who cares. They work dangerous jobs that gets them killed at ten times the rate? Sweep that under the rug!

    This was exposed as a lie decades ago, but feminists keep repeating the Blood Libel. It helps whip up hate against men, and make women feel weak - and then Feminism leaps up and says "WE WILL SAVE YOU!!"

    There's no difference from that and claiming jewish people are kidnapping christian babies for sacrifice to Satan. That was something hateful spread, knowing it was a lie, but so full of hate they just didn't care about the truth. And we know how that ended.

    Never again.


  • Krispen M. Nelson

    Top Commenter ·
    Missoula, Montana

    Wow.... >slow clap<

    You should get an Oscar for that performance. What rapid escalation into hysteria. Is it your time of the month? You're getting so worked up. Just relax, you're delicate. The big girls can handle this for you. Stop worrying your pretty little head, Brett.

    FYI, I took more than my fair share of stats, calculus, physics, and trig in college. I can read and understand research methods and data just fine. Clearly better than you can.

    But what could I know? I'm just a girl.

  • Brett Caton

    Top Commenter ·
    Pennant Hills High School

    "FYI, I took more than my fair share of stats, calculus, physics, and trig in college. I can read and understand research methods and data just fine. "

    Prove it. Prove all those economists wrong. I look forward to reading about your Nobel.

    In the meanwhile - you resort to personal attacks - because YOU HAVE NO ARGUMENT.

    Ad hominem, ad hominem, ad hominem..

    And no answers to any of my points, or of any of those raised decades ago when the lie first became obvious.

    You don't care about the truth. Your hatred makes you blind.
  • Now - as a class exercise, Feminists - how do you respond without dealing with any of his points?

    "The mother is a beautiful person"? No, she's a fucking monster.


    "The mother is a beautiful person. She was just going through some things."

    Some things.

    The flesh and blood of her children. That's what she went through. She went through their lives. And people are already making excuses for that, that they would never dream of doing for a man.

    Women aren't up on a pedestal, men aren't in the sewer. We are all EQUAL.

    She needs to be treated like a man would be. If #feminism really believed in equality, that's what it would fight for. Instead it wants even more privilege for women - it wants to close down female prisons long term and reduce sentences in the meantime.

    Then it points to the short jail sentences and how few women are ever incarcerated as EVIDENCE THAT WOMEN ARE MORALLY SUPERIOR.

    How corrupt is that? How wicked would you have to be knowingly set up a situation where a woman can murder her children - then give her a hug and a shoulder to cry on afterwards!

    Wednesday, 25 March 2015

    Women's Refuge New Zealand demands all submit to being feminists. Or Emma Watson will cry.


    Women's Refuge New Zealand
    12 March at 06:20 ·

    Emma Watson caught the world's attention with her speech launching the #HeForShe campaign and now she features in a highly engaging Q&A on the topic.

    'Men think it’s a women’s word. But what it means is that you believe in equality, and if you stand for equality, then you’re a feminist. Sorry to tell you. You’re a feminist. You’re a feminist. That’s it.'
    Emma Watson talks gender equality in live Q&A

    Want to join thousands of others raising their voices for change? Register as a Global Citizen, and start taking action to fight extreme poverty today.


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    Brett Caton "Men think it’s a women’s word."

    Yes, it literally is.



    From French féminisme circa 1837, ultimately from Latin fēminīnus, from fēmina (woman). First recorded in English in 1851, originally meaning "the state of being feminine." Sense of "advocacy of women's rights" is from 1895.


    " But what it means is that you believe in equality, and if you stand for equality, then you’re a feminist."

    No, the word is egalitarian. Some feminists are egalitarian, as are some non-feminists. Egalitarianism is not the property of Feminism Internationale(TM).

    " Sorry to tell you. "
    Ah, false sincerity. Lovely.

    "You’re a feminist. You’re a feminist. That’s it.'"


    Like · Reply · 21 March at 19:33 · Edited

    Britney Beeby:

    Oh please. How is it a "women's world"?
    Lots of men being married off as child brides? How about rape stats? How many boys are left at home around the world while their sisters are sent to school instead? Any men forced to cover their faces because of...See More
    Like · 1 · Yesterday at 15:41 · Edited

    Brett Caton:

    @Britney Beeby

    "How is it a "women's world"? "

    I didn't say that, now, did I?

    Like · Remove Preview · Yesterday at 16:19

    Brett Caton:

    "Lots of men being married off as child brides? "

    No, they'd be boys, yes, boys are married off - but lots more are used as slaves or as child soldiers. How many boys did Boko Haram kill? No little placards for them, I noticed.

    "How about rape stats?"

    Yes. How about them rape stats? Who is raped most in the US? Could it be... men... ? You guessed right! Woohoo!

    Lets go on.

    "How many boys are left at home around the world while their sisters are sent to school instead"

    It's difficult to attend an education when you are given a rifle and made to fight.

    You aren't even trying there. Do better. https://www.google.com.au/search?q=boy+soldiers&safe=off&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ei=WfQQVbjRL4b78QWLy4CgDA&ved=0CAcQ_AUoAQ&biw=800&bih=400

    "Any men forced to cover their faces because of their religion?"

    You see the word of God as oppression?

    C'mon, think this through. You want to tell God that he is wrong?

    Either God doesn't exist - and all religion is bunk - or he does - and his will can't be argued with.

    Claiming religion is a feminist issue is hilarious.

    " Is there a single country in the world where men aren't allowed to drive?"

    There's bloody few people who live in Saudia Arabia to begin with. It's a place where men are put to death for being gay. Like many, many others.

    Not too many women killed that way, tho, I noticed.

    But I'm sure being able to drive in Saudi Arabia is far more important than being shoved out of a building for being a gay man.

    And do you know why they aren't allowed to drive in that tiny country? Because of traditional gender roles, that hold that women need to be protected by men, in a HeForShe arrangement.

    Gosh, I wonder who else advocates for that...
    I commit to take action against all forms of violence and discrimination faced by women and girls.

    So .. the men will serve and protect the women... for nothing in exchange? And Emma uses that as proof that men are welcomed into Feminism?

    An Open Letter to Emma Watson

    Emma Plugs New Improved Feminism! Now less genocidal!

    I love the fact that feminists are rejecting HeForShe.. on the basis that having men involved, even as beasts of burden, is just too good for 'em.


    " Earn less than women for doing the same job?"

    In the US and the UK and most other western countries, that would a crime - if anything, it's the other way around, with female manual labourers able to work less and get paid the same.


    So they have to lower the bar to be able to have women doing it - despite the fact the bar is there TO SAVE LIVES, not to give them money, because vagina.

    I wish you feminists would do like you keep bloody threatening and move away and set up your own country. I'd laugh as the first fire exploded out of control because your firies can't handle a bloomin' door.

    "Equality means uplifting and raising women AROUND THE WORLD to the status currently held by men."

    No, that's not equality.


    Feminists see this as a picture of the world. Men have everything better, because they are the capitalists - i mean, oppressors. Women are the workers - i mean oppressed - so everything is worse for them.
    Women's Oppression Today: The Marxist/Feminist Encounter by Michèle Barrett http://www.lybrary.com/womens-oppression-today-the-marxistfeminist-encounter-p-643794.html

    [It's very hard to see the difference between feminism and marxism when you examine both - I think Marx  and Engels should sue for copyright infringement!]

    And because feminists believe this - BELIEVE it as an article of faith, it was never analysed, there was no falsifiable theory, it's just believed - then everything has to be spun about in the propaganda to match it.

    Take the vote. Almost every place there was a vote, it was for the rich. Including women. You had rich women getting four votes while most men had none. In almost every country, men and women had universal suffrage - no property test - come in at the same time.

    Now, for men, that was tied to conscription. They got the benefit of having a vote at the price of agreeing to conscription - which is carried on for selective service.

    This arrangement was offered to the Suffragettes- who voted against it, and elected instead to shame men - even those who didn't have the franchise - into signing up as a part of The White Feather Movement.

    So feminists fought to shame young men to their deaths, they fought to have men die in their place. They fought for special treatment for women - never equality.

    So, sorry luv, I ain't takin' your White Feather. You can stick it where the sun don' shine.

    Image result for boy soldiers
    Image result for boy soldiers
    Child Soldiers
    Like · Remove Preview · 1 · Yesterday at 16:39

    Kat Mary:

    ^There's plenty female child soilders as well idiot. He's just a loser whose failed with women so has to go round playing the victim and trivializing serious social issues that cause many people trauma. I know plenty of abused men, but I bet no ones ever laid on hand on him. If he cares so much about men's rights he should perhaps go set up his own page rather than trolling the fb page of a group that's done a lot of help for the community.

    Like · 59 mins

    Kat Mary:

    Child Soldiers International - Analysis: Girl child soldiers face new battles in civilian life

    Like · 45 mins

    Brett Caton:

    @Kat Mary
    You don't even know how to find the right reference for your own argument.

    It's here.


    This is an opinion piece.

    "About 40 percent of the hundreds of thousands of child soldiers scattered across the world’s conflicts today are thought to be girls"

    Thought - by who? It's a weasel word.

    There's no evidence provided, but quotemining is deployed to provide a smokescreen.

    A January 2013 World Bank briefing, Children in Emergency and Crisis Situations, says: “The use of girls [by armed forces] has been confirmed in Colombia, DRC [Democratic Republic of Congo], East Timor, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Uganda and West Africa. There are some 12,500 in DRC. However, girls are generally less visible and up to now have hardly benefited from demobilization and reintegration programmes for child soldiers.”

    That sounds impressive - but it says nothing about the percentage. Just that they are widespread. So what? The muslim groups have also been known to use female suicide bombers - they are certainly not used in the same numbers.

    And communist groups used females, yes - but outside of North Korea, communism just isn't significant. It's islamic groups that form the bulk of forces deploying children.

    "Girls often conceal their association with armed groups, Richard Clarke, director of Child Soldiers International, told IRIN"

    Well, that's awfully convenient. They're there - but they are invisible. Sh! Be very quiet. You can only hear them if you believe in them. Don't question! Every time you question, a fairy - i mean, a girl soldier - dies.

    " The gender-equality ideals espoused by the Eritrean People’s Liberation Front’s (EPLF) had proved an attractive lure for female recruits, including some who were teenagers or younger. "

    OMG! Did you hear that? SOME WERE TEENAGERS?

    How many?


    Define teenager? I mean, child soldiers are often boys as young as 9. Are we talking 18 or 19 year old people? 17?

    Stop asking! Don't you realise asking questions is Patriarchy?

    Oh dear, I didn't mean...