Monday, 16 March 2015

50 tangible ways feminism is harmful to men

Okay what you don't understand is that feminism actually does help guys. It allows them to be as feminine or as masculine as they want without judgment.

It encourages sharing feelings and being open. What you call "bigotry" is actual GENUINE fear.

A real feminist does not hate men, we hate how we are disrespected, degraded, and taken advantage of by men. Fuck "not all men".

Not all sharks attack people but the fear is real.

I'm not mad, im not hating you. I think you just don't understand.
“…feminism actually does help guys.”

Here’s roughly 50 tangible ways feminism is harmful to men:

1.Feminist say women shouldn’t serve jail time.
2. Feminist fight against men wanting equal treatment in domestic violence cases.
Men don’t want to be thrown in jail because they lost their jobs and temporarily cannot pay child support.

Feminists fought against this, trying to lower the amount to $5000 before a man is guilty of a felony for not paying child support.
  1. Feminist stage mock murders to scare men.
  2. Feminist attack a male cartoonist and is hailed as a hero.
  3. Feminists shut down forum for battered men.
  4. Feminist start a propaganda campaign against male husbands wanting custody.
  5. Feminists want to slander names of accused male rapist before convicted.
  6. Feminist try to shut down female prisons.
  7. Feminist create rape laws that exclude female rapist.
  8. Feminists make it impossible to charge women with rape.
  9. Feminist are against equal custody.
  10. Feminists say female felons should serve home sentences.
  11. Feminists told judges to be lenient on female criminals.
  12. Feminists cover up female domestic abuse.
  13. Feminists don’t want the government to help unemployed men.
  14. Feminists launch campaign to help girls education while boys are doing worse in every facet of education.
  15. Males who are raped still have to pay child support.
  16. Feminists want women to have the right to put a child up for adoption before the father can get custody.
  17. Feminists against beyond reasonable doubt when it comes to males.
  18. 5 rights feminist ignore for males.
  19. Feminists blame males for abuse they commit.
  20. Feminist make a primary abuser clause where only males get charged with abuse.
  21. Feminists shame men going to war.
  22. Feminists dismiss female child rapist.
  23. Feminists say men can’t talk about domestic abuse.
  24. Feminists mock a man who had his penis cut off.
  25. Feminists strawman MRA.
  26. Feminists attack a church.
  27. Feminists are transphobic.
  28. Feminists slander the MRM.
  29. Again.
  30. And again.
  31. Feminists call the MRM terrorists.
  32. feminists say men cant be raped.
  33. Feminists defend female raping a minor.
  34. Feminists say that a woman having sex with and 8-year-old boy isn’t rape.
  35. Another feminist primary aggressor law discriminates against males.
  36. Feminists cover up male domestic abuse stats.
  37. Feminists smash bottle in mans face.
  38. Feminist site Jezebel mocks abused males.
  39. Feminists make sure the government doesn’t spend money on male shelters.
  40. Again.
  41. Feminists force the closing of Canada’s only shelter for abused men.
  42. Feminist violent protest.
  43. Again.
  44. Two Tumblr feminists Doxx rape victim.
  45. Feminist domestic violence training hurts police training.
  46. Feminists shut down gender equality festival for including men.
  47. Feminists against fathers day.
How many TANGIBLE examples to you have of feminism helping men? All you’ve given so far are empty, unsupported claims.

“A real feminist does not hate men, we hate how we are disrespected, degraded, and taken advantage of by men.”

There are two problems with this:
  1.  You use the no-true-Scotsmen fallacy. What gives you the right to define what a “real feminist” is? Some of the feminist you think aren’t “real feminists” probably don’t consider you a “real feminist” either. What makes your definition any more valid than theirs? I judge feminism by the most prominent accomplishments made in it’s name. Things like the list above. You telling me what feminism is supposed to do does not change what it actually does. I understand perfectly what feminism SHOULD be, but I don’t care. I care about what it IS.
  2. Being treated poorly by a FEW members of a demographic does not justify openly spreading and promoting the hatred of the demographic as a whole. Some people are self-centered, disrespectful and degrading. This is not an exclusively male trait, and to treat it as such is bigotry.
"“Fuck ‘not all men’. ”

Fuck “not all Muslims”. Not all sharks attack people but the fear is real."

The presence of fear is not indicative of the level of actual threat that exists.

It’s irrational to live in constant fear of sharks. Just like it’s illogical to live in constant fear of Muslim terrorists. Just like it’s illogical to live in constant fear of men.

“I’m not mad, im not hating you.”
Neither am I.

“I think you just don’t understand.”

I’ve heard this argument many times. I’ve MADE this argument many times. The more I understand it, the less validity it has.

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