Thursday, 5 March 2015

"Feminism has fought no wars."

It prefers to use men as the cannon fodder for wars - then blame the war upon all men. White Feather, anyone?

“It has killed no opponents.”

What do you think happened to the men it shamed into combat? The suffragettes forced conscription’s age down from 21 to 18; men were shot if they said no.

I would say that bloody well counts, if you are going to claim the honour of their victories.

“It has set up no concentration camps”

Neither did the Nazis - until they did.

There’s only one political movement in this world that endlessly talks about exterminating a group, yet is welcomed in every Western seat of Government. #killallmen

” starved no enemies”

Feminism opposes shelters for men. Just what do you think happens to men who can’t eat? Do we photosynthesise using the power of Patriarchy?

” practiced no cruelties”

What happened to Erin Pizzey’s dog?

" Its battles have been for education"

Yes, it has successfully lowered the standard for males year after year. I'm surprised it allows them an education at all now.

” for the vote”

But not for men, who didn’t have it either.

” for better working conditions”

Especially for the female fire-fighters who can’t swing an axe to save a life but still automatically get employed due to quotas!

” for safety in the streets”

Men have never been safe - we are the primary victim of violence and the primary guardians against it. When there’s danger, we are thrown between it and females. And when we die, it’ll be Feminists pissing on our graves.

” for child care”

which you successfully alienated men from, leaving them with debts and a life without the love of their children - and if they can’t pay the debts, they are imprisoned until their income improves…

” for social welfare”

LIAR. Feminism has nothing to do with that, that was the unions - oh, you mean the social welfare programs that are only open to people with vaginas? Oh yes, they are very well catered for.

" for rape crisis centres"

for women only!

“women’s refuges”

and god do you hate it when we try to do that for men

” reforms in the law”

Such as the one recently that made it so that if a man and woman share a drink and a bed, the man is automatically classed as a rapist. Oh yes, such justice you have brought to this world.

" If someone says, ‘Oh, I’m not a feminist’, I ask, ‘Why? What’s your problem?”"

Your fucking hate cult. Everything you do. Your endless lies. You.

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