Friday, 20 March 2015

Feminists claim FemThor is a triumph!

The new Thor series highest selling issue involves the real Thor who is currently "unworthy".


Sales chart:
At FemThor vs. Real Thor, its number 8.
Raw estimated sales = 69,497

However, compare the sales chart for February - Thor slipped from #8 to #11.

It all reminds me of 1984, where they announced the chocolate ration was increasing. To get that result, they edited the previous chocolate ration history so the newspapers etc. now said a smaller figure in the past - when the truth was the opposite.

In my opinion, the change is attracting attention - people love controversy - but that has to be sustained for something to be a success. I can't see that happening.

December 2014 Comic Book Sales Figures

So it's gone from 72,563 to 69,513... despite overall sales for comics rising... not looking so good now, is it.

To get the result they want, they cherry-picked the data.

Which is extremely dishonest.

Which is extremely





Billy Collins for original research

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