Saturday, 21 March 2015

Has Britain become hostile to blokes? (The Big Questions, 15/3/15)

At 4 minutes in, she's using evidence of how bad young men are that there's widespread 'violent' pornography.

For one thing, no link between and porn and violence has been shown despite many investigations. Violence continues to decrease, so maybe porn decreases violence!

For another - is she unaware it's women spreading it? Women write the majority of erotic fiction - it's the biggest market in the world. Porn by women for women - and it's full of kinky stuff like rape (and wore!).

So is she claiming that women have to be stopped writing for women because that (somehow) makes men violent? That's ludicrous!

"Men are being encouraged to have hundreds of girlfriends and that's inappropriate".

Huh? But feminists say women should be able to have as many partners as they want... so is it that men are sluts if they do that, whereas women are empowered? #doubleStandards ?

8 minutes in: woman claims that men suicide because boys and girls are told that they are different.

Well, since that's a statement of scientific fact - is she claiming that reality is murdering the men? Or that men have to be given the delusion that they are defective women?

"We need gender equality to make sure that men won't be violent to women"?

So the scientific data supporting this is....

they thought it up and it sounded good so it must be true?

I love the gender bias: we need to correct males so that they can serve women better! They must be indoctrinated in their role early before they can think for themselves!?

If men and women were the same, then misgendering someone wouldn't matter. Instead, gender dysphoria is so serious, people commit suicide over it. It's a terribly depressing condition.

Men and women are different, despite feminist wishful thinking. Our brain scans are different, our hormones are different, our abilities and phyisque are different.

This reminds me of the "like a girl" campaign, where feminists claimed that women run as fast as men, and have the same upper body strength - despite every bit of common-sense telling them otherwise, despite all the sports data, despite the biologists .. it just doesn't matter.

Any contrary evidence is discarded; they have blind faith in their dogma.?

13 minutes in "men don't know how privileged they are"

Umm, no, women don't know - it's when they try living as a man they have problems.

As for the security issue - men are overwhelmingly the targets of violence. We are just taught to be brave. We have to face the dangers and not flee. So her fears were unrealistic; the statistics clearly show she was in more danger before.

Besides, transgender either way gets a rough ride.

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