Saturday, 14 March 2015

Miss R•EVOLutionaries Massive Misandry

Response to

1) Women who hurt their babies often get away without punishment - but as feminists, your idea of equivalence is prison and castration?

No, carry on - I really shouldn't be surprised.

Ok, so you have no problem with women who drink or use other drugs while pregnant. That's totally ok. The baby is being fed drugs by the parent - that's fine. Doesn't bother you at all.

Man, you lot really need to be put on an island and left to live by your rules until the last of you perishes. Might give it give ten years, tops.

2) You realise Viagra is something that might be necessary for a man to experience any orgasm AT ALL and so has no equivalence to abortion? Unless you think the only way a woman can cum is through PIV? Which is interesting, because the rest of your Sisterhood says that women who do PIV are "gender traitors" - look up Sweden's Feminist Initiative if you don't believe me. That's a political party. 4% of the vote. Gonna "No true Feminist" at that? Thought so.

Not to mention, impotence is ground for a fault based divorce. A woman can sue her husband for not using viagra, because his erection is for her pleasure as well.

And what happens when women can't afford a baby? They are supported by the state. A man? He's imprisoned until his financial situation improves. Feminists fought for that.

3) No-one ever made a period illegal so this one makes no sense at all. Do you not understand what a sex cell is? How it's different to a foetus? Is having a chunk of your brain fished into by a length of wire a prerequisite for joining your hate cult? I merely ask for information.

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