Thursday, 26 March 2015

"The mother is a beautiful person"? No, she's a fucking monster.

"The mother is a beautiful person. She was just going through some things."

Some things.

The flesh and blood of her children. That's what she went through. She went through their lives. And people are already making excuses for that, that they would never dream of doing for a man.

Women aren't up on a pedestal, men aren't in the sewer. We are all EQUAL.

She needs to be treated like a man would be. If #feminism really believed in equality, that's what it would fight for. Instead it wants even more privilege for women - it wants to close down female prisons long term and reduce sentences in the meantime.

Then it points to the short jail sentences and how few women are ever incarcerated as EVIDENCE THAT WOMEN ARE MORALLY SUPERIOR.

How corrupt is that? How wicked would you have to be knowingly set up a situation where a woman can murder her children - then give her a hug and a shoulder to cry on afterwards!

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