Friday, 20 March 2015

Vaginas steal spotlight? That's some feat!

"Vagina — a word usually spoken in a hushed voice or for strictly clinical purposes "

Rubbish. It's said in the same way as penis, but infinitely more often. Sometimes I think Feminists should just call themselves Vaginists and get it over with.

“The stories range from happy and humorous experiences to more somber experiences such as rape, assault and abuse"

Like the "Good Rape" one - the one you lot like to sweep under the carpet. Claiming that lesbian rape inoculates children against heterosexuality is not something we want publicly known, it would seem.

"Vagina is seen as a bad word" ... like penis is. It's talking about sex, which is generally frowned on. Nonetheless, i can expect to hear it on daytime television without anyone getting upset about it.

"any TV show, music video or movie can say coward, prick, creep and degrade men without us second-guessing it”

Oh sorry - you didn't say that. You omitted it - because that would interfere with your victim narrative. You think only women get gendered abuse? What garbage!

Some of their responses included, “Who doesn’t love vaginas?”

Gay men, at a wild guess?

 “because it’s tight”

If only!

 “some women are not ‘allowed’ to.”

 Really? How shocking? In the countries feminism has influence over? Name one? Describe how you are going to actually do something to change this. No? Nothing? thought so.

 "My vagina is angry"

 No, it literally isn't. Your brain is in the head, and that's the bit that does the feeling for you. Really, you feminists seem to have some form of collective brain damage.

 “You’re not hearing a lot of people ranting"

 Well, for one think, it's not 'people', it's women - and yes, it's a bloody long rant by any measure.

 "Besides being an outlet for feminine expression" (so long as it conforms to the current vision of Feminism)

 "a local cause that deals with domestic violence"

 By fighting against shelters for men, and by portraying it exclusively as a crime of men against women, despite the fact it is usually reciprocal and often female initiated. She hits him, he hits back, she calls the cops, he goes to jail. Yay, equality!...?

 " works for the empowerment of feminists" (fixed that for you).

 “Feminism is not just equality for women, but equality for everybody…"

 No, it literally is not. For that to work, it would have to work for men, instead of against them. It would work for gender neutral rape laws, instead of redefining rape in such a way that women who rape are hidden from FBI statistics, it certainly wouldn't work to give immunity for them in Israel and India, and for god's sake, how the hell can you look at the story of Erin Pizzey and decide feminism is anything but a gender supremacist form of fascism?

 It claims it is for equality. Talk's cheap. Feminism never DOES equality. It's a lobby group for feminists. That's it.

 "if you believe in the equality for everybody, then you are a feminist”

 In the same way if you believe in paid annual leave you are a national socialist.

 This is an emotionally manipulative argument. It's used by all sorts of religions to try and guilt and confuse people into joining. You care about the poor? You're a Christian! You believe kids should respect their parents? You're a Confucionist. You can't say no. We won't let you. Our movement is for everybody. We will force it on you regardless of consent...

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