Monday, 27 April 2015

Feminist: "All men are rapists, all women victims". Seriously.

"rape, which is penetration no matter how slight, of the vagina or anus of a person by any body part of another person or by any object, or of the mouth of a person by a sex organ of another person without that person’s consent."

A definition carefully crafted to erase female rapists.

If someone has sex without your consent, it's rape.

"Silence or absence of resistance does not imply consent".

Rubbish. Most people have sex without verbalising; always have. We have this wonderful thing to communicate when we want the other to stop. We call it "language".

"past consent to sexual contact or activity does not imply ongoing or future consent"

Of course it does. It does for every other situation. Most every human on the planet has had sex without clearing it first on the grounds that they trust their partner to say something if they are uncomfortable.

You realise you feminists want to remove all fun from existence, don't you? Seriously, i realise your lives must be miserable, but must you force your misery on the rest of us?

"We all are responsible for getting a clear, affirmative, unimpaired consent before engaging in sexual activity with another person."

So any feminist who goes down on a man without verbal consent is a rapist? Oh right - your definition means HE RAPED HER when she went down on him without asking.

Neat! So are you enjoying your vacation from Hell here on Earth?

"For men it also tends to increase sexual drive, and aggression. For women it decreases the ability to fight back and resist unwanted advances. "

Wow. Not even going to hide your sexist double standards, are you?

You have no evidence it does this. You are quite happy to treat your sexist and misandrist opinion as if it was scientific fact.

And, Jesus Christ, you really think drunken lesbians don't do things they regret later? You don't think they get horny, and decide to call that ex they know is no good for them? And you don't think men have trouble resisting advances... oh, but as we are all rape monsters, we would never resist, we are all so ready for it...

I'd go on, but you have left the planet, and I hope your return to the Abyss is a permanent one.

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