Sunday, 26 April 2015

Feminist decide that censorship, by definition, is something they can’t do, so it totally doesn’t count when they do it.
“In the US, censorship is defined as action to prevent or block speech by the government. Those last three words are very important, so I put them in bold.”

This is very interesting; The Guardian seems to have blocked me so i can’t reply directly, but is that a common belief over there?

I don’t see anything that says it has to be from the government to count. That doesn’t make any sense. In an anarchy, for example, you can still have censorship when a group of thugs walk over and burn your books because they say things they don’t like.

"On 10 May 1933, in an act of ominous significance, the students burned upwards of 25,000 volumes of "un-German" books, thereby presaging an era of uncompromising state censorship."

If censorship was, by definition, by the State, then "state censorship" would be redundant.

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