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Feminists say "not even YES means yes"!    (Saved from 18 Apr 2015 08:01:49 UTC)

"It can be as as simple as encouraging someone to have a few too many drinks... There has been a lot of discussion recently about whether a drunk woman can give consent to sex. But you don’t have to be fully drunk in order to be sexually coerced with alcohol"

Why is it only drunk women can't consent? If a drunk man murders a woman, would anyone question whether he was responsible? Would it matter if the woman was pouring the drink?

We never question male agency. Why would we have a double standard for women?

It seem like they are saying a feminist can never be trusted to drink like a man would. Perhaps the best way to kill a feminist is, then, to point out a bottle of methylated spirits.

They'll gulp it down in one giant swallow.

They just can't help themselves.

" or it can hide inside threats like “I’ll leave you if you don’t sleep with me.” "

Yes, this is formally a part of the Feminist platform. If a man expresses his desire to leave if the relationship isn't making him happy - that's now rape.

"Sexual coercion is a tricky thing to define"

So you don't know what it is - but you want to imprison people regardless? Based on your feelz? You want to destroy people's lives with one of the most serious accusations in our society - despite the fact you can't even define it to yourself.

"If you have said yes when you didn’t really want to, know that you may have been sexually coerced, that there’s no excuse for what happened to you, and that what happened was not your fault."

Yes, a feminist can have sex, screaming YESYESYES the whole way through... and then afterwards decide she didn't really want it.

Can you think of any other arena where that excuse would be taken seriously? Can you say you were not responsible for driving drunk because you decided to finish a bottle?

"1. You’re Having Sex Because You’ve Been Told It’s Your Duty"

Well, yes, it is part of the duties of a relationship to keep your partner happy. If you don't want to - why are you in the relationship?

This is actually enforced by law in some States.

Frenchman ordered to pay ex-wife £9,000 for not having sex after marriage

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"3. You’re Having Sex Out Of Guilt"

Yes, if your partner feels guilty over something, you are now a rapist. As long as you're male and they're female, of course; a lesbian rapist is a contradiction in terms, according to feminists.

Compare this to:

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18 Apr 2015 08:26:10 UTC)

There we see the feminist double standard. If a man says no, it's selfish.

There's no possibility the woman is being a rapist with her demands. And I agree - everyone, male AND female, has the right to say no, and if that is unacceptable, it's time to either look at counselling - or end the relationship.

But no, Feminists want the threat of the charge of rape to be applied, but only, as I pointed out, when it harms men.
This has actually been implemented, and a student (who was blacked out when his partner had sex with him) was charged with sexual assault.

An Amherst College student blacked out, accompanied a fellow student back to her dorm room after drinking in February 2012. While he was blacked out, she performed oral sex on him.

Nearly two years later, she would accuse him of sexual assault. And under Amherst's guilty-until-proven-innocent (and even then, as we'll see, still guilty) hearing standards, the accused student was expelled.

See also:

Consent Campaign At Oxford College Of Emory University

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