Thursday, 2 April 2015

Is the documentary of real events now a 'hatecrime'?

Feminism teaches that masculinity is toxic, and that men are the cause of all violence.

 This leads women to believe they cannot be in the wrong when it comes to violence, and gives them the license to start fights because they think men cannot hit them back - and a lot of men will 'white knight' a man who does hit back, riding to the defense of the 'damsel in distress' - even when she's obviously the aggressor.

This is very important in Domestic Violence, because most DV is female initiated - but when a man hits back, he does more damage, leading to *him* being the one who is arrested.

If feminism meant equality, it would mean teaching that starting a fight with anyone was wrong - yet feminists instead classify a man hitting back as "violence against women" and want to classify discussion of it as 'hatecrime'.

This video has been censored by feminists using mass reporting tactics and so i expect it'll be banned here as well, but if not, it stands as a record of the dangerous double-standard.

The original owner is visible on the video and i make no comment on their views. However, their voice should be heard. Especially as this video is mostly a documentary of real incidents. Can real events be considered 'hatespeech'? What sort of doublethink is that?

"Domestic violence is most commonly reciprocal..  In 70% of the non-reciprocally violent relationships women were the perpetrators of violence.

Reciprocal violence appears to be particularly dangerous, leading to the highest rate of injury (31.4%). This may be because reciprocal violence is more likely to escalate."

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