Monday, 13 April 2015

Men must prove a woman said 'Yes' under tough new rape rules

" Men accused of date rape will need to convince police that a woman consented to sex as part of a major change in the way sex offences are investigated."

There's no possibility that a man did not consent, no presumption of innocence, no definition of a legal standard any man can meet to be sure he will be seen as innocent in court.

"The Director of Public Prosecutions said it was time for the legal system to move beyond the concept of “no means no” to recognise situations where women may have been unable to give consent."

Despite the fact that "no means no" works for every other situation.

Your honour, I did say I would pay money for the car but i didn't really mean it, and when I crashed it, I said I would pay for repairs - but deep down I was terrified and unable to say no!

Oh, you poor dear, run along then, the terrible man obviously pressured your weak little mind into agreeing to such things!

"Alison Saunders said rape victims should no longer be “blamed” by society if they are too drunk to consent to sex"

No definition given of "too drunk". One glass of wine? A sip? What if it was done without a man knowing? A drink before meeting? Indeed, since no breath or blood test is performed, she can simply say she was drunk whilst remaining sober at the time. She is not required to prove it; he is required to disprove it.

" if they simply freeze and say nothing"

He kisses her, she kisses back. His kisses go down her body. She cums. She then calls the police to report her rape. He has no idea what went wrong.

She kisses him, he kisses back. Her kisses go down his body. He cums. He then calls the police to report his rape. The police laugh at him. These guidelines only protect women. These guidelines make it plain that only men are rapists.

"Instead, police and prosecutors must now put a greater onus on rape suspects to demonstrate how the complainant had consented “with full capacity and freedom to do so”. "

Using a lie detector? Magic? Wonder Woman's Lasso? How will a man prove that a woman said yes without feeling fear because of some past experience?

How do you prove your innocence? Will you have to record every moment, have a witness present, what? They don't give a method.

Effectively this means that any man who is accused is guilty.

Why bother with the trial, then?

She points. He hangs.

Listen and Believe.


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  1. Although I completely agree with all that was said here, I never like when the misandry "lynchings" are compared to real lynchings.

    Misandric lynchings are purely metaphorical (expect for the men that actually get killed due to false rape accusations) and often occur due to the man having some type of interaction with a woman. And although this is what we desire to do, this is all actually preventable, so we should know the risks of female interaction and be prepared at all times (I keep a voice recorder on my phone).

    On the other hand, black lynchings in the Jim Crow era occurred simply because black people just happened to be at the wrong place at the wrong time; accusations were hardly ever required, but if there was contradictory evidence against an accusation, it would hardly matter because a dead man can't use it to save his reputation or his life.


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