Sunday, 26 April 2015

The Mary Sue says feminists giving money to Anita Sarkeesian will hurt critics.

Anne Wheaton Tricked Gamergate Into Indirectly Donating to Feminist Frequency | The Mary Sue

I think this is brilliant and all feminists should follow her example. Whenever someone says something you don’t like, give money to anita sarkeesian.

When the person who says things you don’t like starts giggling at the idea this somehow hurts them, give more money.

When they are laughing uncontrollably, give property, jewelry, any easily disposable assets to anita sarkeesian.

Remember, she’s the victim here; she needs your cash more than you do.

Keep giving as the opponent writhes on the ground, weeping tears of laughter.

You have no money? Perhaps you could rob homes or sell crack? Have you considered selling your children? She accepts blood or bodily organs.

Keep going. Almost there.

As the last of your life drains away, know that you have mortally wounded your opponents by making anita sarkeesian very, very rich.

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