Friday, 1 May 2015

Eckerd College President: You Can Stop Rape By Not Drinking Or Having Casual Sex?

1 May 2015 10:31:30 UTC

The problem is, even if every guy is celibate, under the doctrine of "Listen and Believe" (now formalised into Campus rules and even some legal codes), he can still be accused and has little chance of proving his innocence.

So unless you have female-only campuses, with strict separation of the sexes at all times, then you won't be able to eliminate what a feminist would define as rape.

(Of course, considering how male educational standards are going down the toilet, a female only educational environment might not be too far off)

Of course, a more practical solution would be if the Feminists were to be moved into the female-only environment they have threatened to move to since the 1960s. Tasmania would fit them all.

Lovely place. Has a place called the Franklin Dam. They could rename it 'Patriarchy' and have fun smashing it, to while away the long nights. And when it bursts, drowning them, they could curse, in their last breath, "Damn that Patriarchy"!

I'm kidding. Patriarchy never existed - just like the Dam.

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