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lolololololoooollllll provides definitive proof that maybe one in seven women will be raped by the end of this sentence

ncbi. nlm. nih. gov /pubmed/ 21823952 ~~bitch bye
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J Am Coll Health.
2011;59(7):582-7. doi: 10.1080/07448481.2010.515634.Reporting rape in a ..
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  • 1UCLA Anxiety Disorders Research Center, Department of Psychology, University of California-Los Angeles, Los Angeles, California 90095-1563, USA.

Studies indicate that a small percentage of rapes are reported to law enforcement officials. Research also suggests that rapes perpetrated by a stranger are more likely to be reported and that rapes involving drugs and/or alcohol are less likely to be reported. College women represent a unique and understudied population with regard to reporting rape.

In the current study, the authors interviewed a national sample of 2,000 college women about rape experiences in 2006.

Only 11.5% of college women in the sample reported their most recent/only rape experience to authorities, with only 2.7% of rapes involving drugs and/or alcohol reported. Minority status (ie, nonwhite race) was associated with lower likelihood of reporting, whereas sustaining injuries during the rape was associated with increased likelihood of reporting.

Reporting, particularly for rapes involving drugs and alcohol, is low among college women. Implications for policy are discussed.


Hmm. So it’s 11.5% now, many years later, despite campaigns. It was 16% before by your evidence.

So feminist campaigns have caused rape reporting to panic! Quick! Better stop them immediately!

“Approximately one in seven U.S. women have been raped in their lifetimes“

Straight away that gives me cause to doubt. Scientifically, you just say the percentage with the uncertainty. If you say approx one in seven, it sounds like maybe you don’t know… maybe you are just guessing.

What’s the reference?
1. Kilpatrick DG, Edmunds CN, Seymour AK.  Rape in America: A report to the nation. Washington, D.C: National Victim Center; Charleston, SC: Medical University of South Carolina; 1992.

Oh, that’s not re-assuring. So we are back to the report I dealt with before. So the reference a supposedly scientific paper uses is that it was the opinion of a feminist group.


“Estimates from the 1990s and 2000s indicate that only 16–20% of forcible rape victims report the rape to law enforcement“

As I said before, if you believe what they are saying is true - and so far it’s really not credible - but even if  the voice of God proclaimeth it’s verity, o yea, then what it means is RAPE REPORTING HAS DIMINISHED DESPITE, OR PERHAPS, BECAUSE, OF FEMINIST CAMPAIGNS.

Despite the now ever-present rape support groups, better test kits, free legal advice… this beggars belief.

“College is a high-risk timeframe for sexual victimization, with studies reporting that one in four college women have been raped or experienced an attempted rape.8

And I just lost all respect for this, because it’s using a survey that - frankly, was a hoax - using that as it’s reference. It’s complete bullshit.

I was going to search and find what scientists cited this paper, because that’s how you know how credible it is - but it’s now revealed as just another piece of propaganda.

Well, that was kinda disappointing.

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